Let’s Look-Closet Organization

It’s LET’S LOOK, that day of the month where Shay and I share a little peek at something in our lives. Today, we’re talking about how we keep our closets organized. Well, if you know me then you know I definitely didn’t come up with this month’s prompt. hahahaha! I’m TERRIBLE at closet organization. So terrible, in fact this is what the current state of my closet actually looks like…

We decided to rip it all out to start over. This time around we’re looking for the most storage available in this space we already have. The cabinet builder and I are supposed to sit down next week to discuss our plans so I’d LOVE to hear any recommendations you have for the best ways to design a closet space. Seriously, could the timing of this post be any better?!

What do you absolutely LOVE about your closet? What do you suggest? What’s a mistake you’ve made? Any and ALL advice I would greatly appreciate it!

In doing my research for this new closet of mine, I have a couple things I’ve decided I want…

*Above the reachable space, we’re going to add cabinets. Then I can put things out of season way up high and out of the way but it won’t look messy because it’ll be contained in a cabinet. The pictures I found of this were all really pretty. Hopefully, this will eliminate that “dead space” above my hanging clothes that we had before.

*Instead of having the pretty shoe display, I’m going for the way to store the MOST shoes. That’s my goal!

*I really want plenty of drawer space.

*As much as I’d love to have a huge spacious nice closet, that’s not my goal here. We’re not adding space for this so my main goal is utilizing the space we have in the best ways possible.

And I’d LOVE your help! Please let me know what you think! THANK YOU!!

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Thanks for reading today, everyone!


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  1. 9.14.22
    Elspeth said:

    I have a few small closet, so my biggest recommendation is having shelves and racks to hold shoes, purses, sweaters, etc. i try to use every bit of space available!

  2. 9.14.22

    I really just hope and pray that this time around, you have a closet I’m allowed to enter. None of this “should I die, you are still not allowed to enter my closet to pick out my funeral clothes because you will judge me” nonsense. 🙂

    • 9.14.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Let’s HOPE!

    • 9.14.22
      Julie Bradford said:

      BAHAHAHAHA I love y’alls reactions to each other!!! you know each other all too well.. i love it!!! my 2 closest friends are so very similar to me.. my closet probably looks the best compared to theirs but it’s still bad but we do have another close friend who would not be allowed to pick out my funeral clothes!! 😂

  3. 9.14.22
    Traci M said:

    I’m always looking for ways to utilize my closet space better! Cant’ wait to see what you end up with!! Happy Wednesday!

  4. 9.15.22
    Holly said:

    Hi there! My favorite closet features are the extendable bars – we have them in all of our closets. They are great in kids rooms too for hanging clothes the night before. I even have them in the laundry room!