Let’s Look-FAVES from High School/College

Hey Hey Hey! It’s WEDNESDAY! Happy Hump Day to you! The week after a nice break is always tough to adjust, but we’re managing just fine. Hope you are too!

I’m a little giddy about today’s post. It was just FUN to work on so I’m diving right in. 🙂

Shay and I are sharing our FAVORITES from our high school and college days. This could really be taken any which way. Favorites activities, favorite hobbies, and the list could go on. I started to share some of my favorite looks because as crazy and ridiculous as some of those looks are to us now back then, I loved them. I decided I’d rather share some of my FAVORITE things, but don’t worry I’m including pictures again because well, we all need some extra laughs. You’ve gotta let me know if any of these were YOUR favorites in high school as well. {I’m sharing mostly high school things.}

#1 Mountain Dew-My FAVORITE drink of choice was hands down a really cold Mountain Dew. Actually I preferred it a little ice-y straight out of the freezer. THAT was perfection. Is this a midwest thing? Do they even still make Mountain Dew? I haven’t had one in years, but my high school days often involved a Mountain Dew.

#2 Cruising Town-Was this a “thing” where you lived? In my town and in the small surrounding towns, many high schoolers would cruise town by driving a certain route {over and over and over again}, stopping to talk to friends, playing music, and well-it was a FAVORITE. My first car was a passed down Pontiac Trans Am, but after a year of driving that it got passed down to my brother and my parents got me a 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier Sport in this cute green. This wasn’t mine but it looked similar…

Just imagine me and some girlfriends driving around town with our windows down and the music up loud!

#3 Taco Bell was hands-down my FAVORITE spot to eat! If I could choose where we stopped to grab food, I was ALWAYS choosing Taco Bell.

#4 American Eagle, Hollister, and Old Navy were all my favorite places to shop if we were going to St. Louis to make a really big day of it. Speaking of that, those were some of my FAVORITE days. My mom, aunt, cousins, and grandparents would all load up to spend an entire day shopping in the city {about 2.5 hours away}. So much fun! If I was shopping closer to home, Goody’s in middle school and early high school was my jam! Have you ever heard of a Goody’s? It was similar to Kohls.

#5 Value Meals-ha! I did not shy away from a Big Mac Meal, Frisco Burger Meal, Sonic Burger with Cheesy Tots, Whopper with Cheese Meal…what was that? Supersize it? Yes, please! Clearly the old metabolism isn’t what she used to be.

#6 Country Music and Nelly-My music preferences really varied. I was {and still am} a country music fan but then I also loved my fellow Show-Me State resident, Nelly.

#7 Sparkly Eye Shadow-Yes to all the pinky/purple glittery eye shadow. It never let me down. Or at least it didn’t until I’m looking back at pictures. hahaha!

#8 A League of Their Own-Has been my absolute favorite movie for years running. Love the humor, love the story line, love Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, and Madonna…it’s just been a favorite for a long time.

#9 Orange Nokia Cell Phone-I didn’t get my own cell phone until I was a senior in high school and I don’t really remember it being that big of a deal until college. Surely I was behind the times on the texting train, but I remember Tab and I texting when we first started dating. I went WAY over on my allowed texts that first month. Each of my responses looked similar to this…


Because I had absolutely no idea how to find the space bar on my cell phone. hahaha! What about you? What was your first cell phone like? Was I behind the times? Mine was just like the phone above but an orange cover.

#10 Even back then my biggest dislike was laundry. hahaha! I texted my mom yesterday when I was working on this post because I needed one or two more ideas to round out a Top Ten post. I asked her for some of my favorite things and she sent back a text with some ideas and one was, “letting clothes pile up on your bed”. ha! She’d fold our laundry and we were responsible for carrying it to our rooms and putting it away. I’d let mine pile up on the foot of my bed until eventually it covered at least the bottom third. It became a “weighted blanket” of sorts while I slept. haha!

There you have it-some of my FAVORITE things when I was in high school and college. What about YOU? I’d love to hear about your high school or college favorites!

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Next month we’re sharing DATE NIGHTS!

Hope you enjoyed my little walk down Memory Lane! Thanks so much for reading today, friends!


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  1. 3.16.22
    Alison said:

    Oh my goodness! I just love this! I forgot about Mountain Dew, but I also loved it! Especially a little icy. It was the best!! Cruising the streets was definitely a favorite in our little town too. So much fun with all my friends. Those were the days! And, yes… we had a Goody’s too! I used to find a few cute things there too! 🙂

    • 3.16.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Were we from the same town? hahaha! Soul sisters!!

      • 3.17.22
        Kristin Tate said:

        We cruised the town square, sonic then the library (it had a huge mirrored window so we could check ourselves out as we drove past!
        That eyeshadow was Cover Girl Disco Ball! We wore it from the top to bottom eyelid too!!

        • 3.17.22
          Erika Slaughter said:

          Oh my goodness, Kristin! YES, YES, YES!!

  2. 3.16.22

    Oh I so remember when the formal dresses showed your stomach! I mean…that was SUCH the trend!!!!!!! I loved this post!

    • 3.16.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      It was FUN to look back!

  3. 3.16.22
    Elspeth said:

    I always love these let’s look posts! So fun!!

    • 3.16.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Thank you!

  4. 3.16.22
    MelanieL said:

    Love this! And brings back so many memories… Me and my bestie walked to the gas station and got Mountain Dew and slim Jim’s all the time! I got married in 2000 (1st marriage, it ended 2 years later, ugh) and my 38 y/o aunt wore that same two piece formal to my wedding, I am not kidding, I gasped when I saw it here LOL!

    • 3.16.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      The perfect combination-Mountain Dew and Slim Jim’s…YES! And that’s too funny!

  5. 3.16.22
    Claire said:

    Oh girl, I am right there with you on the country music AND Nelly! 🤣 Still know all the words to “Country Grammar” 🤦🏼‍♀️

    • 3.16.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Me TOOO!!!!

  6. 3.16.22
    Sheaffer said:

    I love this look back! I especially love the Chevy Cavalier Sport. Interesting fact, I’ve never had even a sip of Mountain Dew. It was Clearly Canadian and Snapple for me in high school Haha!

    • 3.16.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      We need to meet up-you bring the Clearly Canadian {never had it} and I’ll bring the Dew!

  7. 3.16.22
    Debbie K. said:

    I’m drinking a diet Mountain Dew right now in my classroom in northern Indiana. That time change, parent teacher conferences, full moon…Yep, I needed it today!

    • 3.16.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      I’m about to go by the store right now to grab Sheaffer and I one for a little treat. How has she never had a Mountain Dew? I didn’t have the diet variety though!

  8. 3.16.22
    JANA said:

    I’m from a small Missouri town, as well, and we definitely cruised town! You pumped your breaks twice or flashed your headlights if you wanted someone to pull over. We would all gather on the church parking lot until a police officer ran us off. Our BIG shopping days were to Cape (1.5 hours away) or Jonesboro (1 hour away). I DOMINATED the snake game on that Nokia phone, but we didn’t dare take it into school. It stayed in our cars, and I didn’t get a phone until the end of my junior year. I’m about to cut our artificial sweeteners, but I’m drinking a Diet Mountain Dew as I type this, so yes, they’re still around.

    • 3.16.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Jana! We have to be from close to the same town! Jonesboro was 2.5 hours from me but Cape was 45 minutes!

  9. 3.16.22
    Joanne said:

    Nope cruising through town was not a thing here. I know some grades and groups gathered in the downtown parking lot at the far end but we’re pretty rural and there was no route to drive and actually see people. I didn’t learn to drive until I was in college and have zero ideas when I got my first cell phone but it was definitely not in high school. I don’t think anyone really had one so it was pretty pointless.

    • 3.16.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      I really only remember using my cell phone to call my parents. Not anybody else!

  10. 3.16.22
    Nancy said:

    We had a cruise line too. It went from Wendy’s down to Burger King. We had the best time in the cruise lines.

    • 3.16.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Oh Nancy! It depended on the town but one of my favorites went from Walmart to another fast food place but I can’t remember which one!

  11. 3.21.22
    JoJo said:

    Omg your outfits!! Please tell us you saved these, I can only imagine your daughter will be fawning over that pink two-piece dress in a few years!

    • 3.23.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Hahahahaha! I don’t think we still have them but I should have!