The New “Front Room”

Guys, I have no idea what to call the “front room” space in our house. Formal living sounds well, a little too formal because we’re not fancy people. And I’ve always called our big room the living room so that leaves this space inside our house to be the “front room”.

We moved into this house in 2015 and the front room looked like…

This is one of the very first spaces you see when you walk in our house so we decided to tackle this room to get it a little more up to date. Do you remember?

We changed the fireplace, updated the light fixture, added new furniture and apparently I decided to take those pictures when there was NO LIGHT! The pics are terrible but you can see the full before/after here. I loved that space but now looking back I can see the chairs were a tad too big for what we were working with so when we did the big renovation this space got a little overhaul as well.

We really didn’t do much in this space during the renovation. We changed out the light fixture, got new chairs and an ottoman, and repainted. Throw in a few new lamps and a piece of art for a above the fireplace and voila!

The giant mirror we got from a friend Tab used to work with. They moved into a new house and didn’t have wall space to fit it so we bought it from them. We had a painter come to change the color a bit and it’s still one of my favorite things.

You guys remember my Christmas tree story, right? If not, you can read it all here.

One side of the room. :). Oh, and a peek of the new rug. Our rug is the “multi”.

I found the art above the fireplace with Shay and Sherry in a Southlake store. {FYI, this renovation wouldn’t have been possible without Shay’s amazing mom. She’s a decision maker and I’m the opposite of that. She was the perfect balance to help us get this job complete! Thank you, Sherry!}

Love the way the room came together!

I ordered a tray to put that little stack on BUT it still hasn’t arrived so I improvised. A Life in Lilac candle and some football coffee table books for the win!

I got this garland full of Christmas ornaments years ago and I still pull it out each year.

And that’s our “front room” makeover!

So far I’ve also shared our Pantry and Laundry Room as well! It’s coming along, friends! If you’re in the middle of a remodel or home renovation, trust me when I say it’ll ALL BE WORTH IT!

Thanks for reading today, friends! Have a great Wednesday!

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