Friday Favorites-2.25.22

Happy, Happy FRIDAY! What a crazy, short week we had! How was yours?

Before I jump into FAVORITES, I have a little project I’d love for you to help me with. The other day I mentioned something to Tab and to identify the date I said, “It’s on St. Patrick’s Day”. His immediate response was, “When is that?”.

Um. What?

You guys. He didn’t know what day St. Patrick’s Day was!

I made him guess and his first guess was, “March 28th”. He. Had. No. Clue. Is that normal? Please go home tonight and ask your husband what day is St. Patrick’s Day. Does he know? Ask your dad. Ask your uncle.

Well, maybe I should back up-do you know when St. Patrick’s Day is? I’m convinced it’s a Tab thing, but he’s certain many others won’t know the actual date. Let me know what you find, ladies! I appreciate all your help!

Andrea and I are here with some FAVORITES from the week!

My first FAVORITES of the day are something I’m really excited about! I’ve been having some blah hair days. I’d go to sleep with cute curls and in the morning it almost looked like my hair got bent as I slept. You know what I’m talking about? Well, my hair stylist just recently started using the entire Olaplex system on her clients. She kept gushing about how great these two-#6 Bond Smoother and #7 Bonding Oil really are. Each night before going to bed I mix just a small amount of the bond smoother to two drops of the oil and then apply them to my ends as well as the pieces close to my face. Not only do they smell fabulous, but I’m certain my hair has been smoother each morning. I’ve had Olaplex products before but didn’t really know how to use them so I think I missed out on some of the perks.


I shared this FAVORITE jacket last week, but I got lots of questions about my jeans. In the picture above, I’m wearing a pair of high-waisted Good American jeans. Who knew I’d be such a fan of the high-waist jeans in 2022 but with so many shirts on the shorter side, they’re the perfect pair!


Did you see my post on Wednesday? It’s a little recap of my thoughts from this season of Celebrity Big Brother. You guys asked for me to share my thoughts after the winner was announced and well, I was a tad surprised! I figured it’d be much closer. And Todrick only got one vote? WHAT?! I did think it was one of my FAVORITE seasons of celebrities.


I’ve tried many natural deodorants but this brand, Primally Pure, is hand-down my FAVORITE! I just logged onto their site to order another batch and realized I should share these with you. They’re all-natural, organic, and smell so great! Out of all the natural deodorants I’ve tried, they’re my FAVORITE!


My goodness. This just doesn’t get any easier to say. Tomorrow is the fifth anniversary of my sweet friend, Manda, going to be with Jesus. Her passing wrecked me unlike anything I’ve experienced. A young wife and mother of two little children leaving the earth way too soon. It just wrecked me. So many of you rallied behind Manda when she was sick by lifting her up in prayer. I remember the countless texts and messages I got from people asking me how she was doing or to let me know you were praying. Today, I’d love to pass that on to you. If you have a friend or family member who’s sick or maybe just needs some prayers, will you please leave their name at the bottom of the post. I’ll be praying over them just like so many of you prayed over my friend. I’d love to get to do that for you. Thank you, again, for walking alongside us during such a difficult time. I’d love to be there for you.


I hope you guys have the best weekend! We have a volleyball tournament, two baseball games, a baseball practice, a concert, and a birthday party. So I’m off to get myself prepared for all that. I’ll see you Tuesday!


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