Let’s Look-Quiet Time/Prayer Time

It’s already the second Wednesday of the month so we’re back with another Let’s Look! Each month Shay and I share a topic where we dig a little deeper and show you how we do it or how it looks in our homes. We invite you to join us every month to share a little peek at your life and take a peek at ours.

Before we jump into today’s topic, I wanna catch you up. In case you missed other Let’s Look’s from this year, in January we shared our closets. Spoiler alert, my girl, Lauren, and I are still trying to find a day for her to come and help me. Promise to show you pics when she’s finished though!

In February, we discussed the little things we do every day. From coffee to walking to chatting with girlfriends, I shared all the things I sneak in my days to make them a little extra special.

Last month we shared a look at our grocery carts. I find myself enjoying other’s grocery store hauls in search of some new food ideas. Hope it helped you too!

Today, we’re looking at our QUIET TIMES.

You might be thinking, “WHAT IN THE WORLD IS A QUIET TIME?”. Let me share a little story with you. I’ve been there! I grew up in a very small town in Missouri. When I was in second grade my mom and step-dad got married so we moved into a new house they built. This caused me to move from one small town I’d lived in up until that point to a different town. We also moved churches and started attending a church in our new area. This is the church I grew up in, was baptized in, attended weekly, served, went to Vacation Bible School, and on and on. You get the idea. I learned so much about the Bible, God, and His Word at my time growing up in that church. But I’m pretty certain they never mentioned, “Quiet Time” {which is totally okay!}, so when I got to college and I’d hear that term it always made me a bit anxious. It was always used like everyone knew exactly what was being referred to…until I attended a retreat my freshman year around winter time and I remember the speaker really diving into what a quiet time meant. How thankful I was for that talk!

A quiet time is simply when you spend time with God through prayer, reading the Bible, doing a Bible Study, etc. In today’s world we often get distracted by so many things {or at least I know I do} so it’s important during that time to find somewhere and some time where we’ll be less distracted. Hence the phrase, QUIET TIME.

As a Christian, it’s important to set aside time daily to ground myself in what’s important. I’ve tried many times over the years but found that first thing in the morning is my favorite. So here’s a little peek at how my quiet time looks right now…

I get up, start a cup of coffee, turn on all the lamps, and get settled with my Bible Study book and Bible. Right now I’m a bit over half-way on the Daniel Study by Beth Moore. My Bible is from when Tab and I first got married. I wanted a new Bible but we did not have the money for any “extra” so I scoured Ebay and finally got a great deal. My bid was low but it won! {Do you guys remember those days?}

With this study, Beth has a weekly video session that’s about an hour long and then five lessons of homework.

On this particular day, I was finishing the video from the week. {I break it up into 2 or 3 days depending on how much time I have.}

I was filling in my notes as I watched the video. Once I was finished with that, then I closed everything and spent some time in prayer. I’ve done many things through the years…prayer journals, prayer app, notes section in my phone {this is what I’m using right now. when I’m out and about and someone mentions a prayer request, it’s easy for me to add it because I always have my phone}.

Speaking of prayer requests, I have a friend who’s going through cancer treatments right now {probably as you’re reading this} and could really use your prayers. My friend, Ashley, shared this song just yesterday in our group chat. It’s been on my mind ever since and I was praying these words over her this morning.

And that’s it! It’s a great way for me to start my day with my focus on what truly matters.

Next month we’re sharing Summer Staples! I hope you can join us! Thanks for reading today, friends!


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