Let’s Look-Little Things I Do Every Day

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!! XOXOXO. Or maybe I should say HAPPY GALENTINE’S DAY! Because we’re all friends here! I hope your day is a little extra great and you feel loved by your people today! I have big plans of taking two thirteen-year-old boys to baseball practice for two hours so my night is sure to be full of roses. haha!

Today is February’s Let’s Look! The monthly link-up where Shay and I share a little peek at something we do in our lives and hope you share how you do it as well.

In case you missed our first Let’s Look of the year, in January we shared our closets. Spoiler alert, my girl, Lauren, and I are still trying to find a day for her to come and help me. Promise to show you pics when she’s finished though!

Before I dive right into our topic of the little things we do everyday, I want to add a little disclaimer. These kinds of posts make me nervous. I don’t do ANYTHING every single day. Every once in a while I oversleep, feel yucky, have too many kids’ activities, am just having a bad day, things go wrong, etc. and I can’t do any of these things. I don’t have my stuff together every single day and I don’t want you to read here and think that I do. I have lots of great days and I have a full list of things I do to make my days better, but I’d hate for anyone to read this and feel like they’re failing. We all have bad days. I’m just sharing what I do to make the good days a little greater. I hope you guys understand my heart in that. My intent is for you to try something in your everyday that might help make yours better too.

Let’s get right down to my list of the top ten things I do on the daily…

#1 Start with a cup of coffee. I’ve tried many different things, but one thing that really makes my day a little better is a cup of coffee with a little creamer. There’s absolutely nothing like the first cup. I often have another cup or two throughout the day and they don’t measure up.

#2 Chill Time. I wake up at different times each day depending on what I have to do. It’s always somewhere in between 5-6, but I like to give myself at least 15 extra minutes to not be rushed. A chill, relaxed morning is my jam. For some reason Sundays are the one day I tend to push this rule and it often leaves us sprinting.

#3 64 Seconds. I listened to some podcast that mentioned our kids need eight touches that last eight seconds throughout the day. Sometimes that’s really easy but there are also days where with school and practices I will only physically see a kid for a short time. So I multiplied and started telling my kids they have to hug me for 64 seconds. Now, it’s kind of a joke and they totally roll their eyes at me. Often times they fight it because hugging your mom isn’t always the coolest thing BUT there are days when they need it even more than me. Research shows that hugs help with so many things and well, guys. It’s a little thing I do. I can mention 64 seconds, my kids will roll their eyes and then give me a hug. Do we actually hug for 64 seconds? No, but when have you ever not enjoyed a hug from your mom deep down? Know what I mean?

#4 Friend Communication. I have some form of communication with a couple friends. Might be a group text, phone call, etc., but at some point I’ve connected with a friend or two. That always makes my day better. In this stage of life, it’s easy to not have the time to do that but it’s so important.

#5 Quiet Time. We were just talking about how easy it is to incorporate a Bible study into daily life. It’s 15-30 minutes of reading and studying and it’s something we check off our daily to-do’s. Read God’s word. Check! But what’s even harder for most of us is actually spending time with God. Digging deeper to know him at a more intimate level through prayer and scripture reading. But not just so we can check it off.

#6 Laundry...this is one I don’t always do every day but when I do my life is always better for it. Nothing can pile up quicker than our dirty laundry. Just like my friend, Erin, says…I’m doing something my future self will thank me for. That is ALWAYS laundry.

#7 Clean Sweep. Sometimes this happens in the morning, in the middle of the day, or even at night but it makes my day better if I do a clean sweep through the house to get things back in the best order. My favorite way to do this is when I tell everyone we’re all doing a quick pick up. {As you can imagine, it’s not everyone else’s favorite way to do this. ha!}

#8 Walk/Move My Body. I typically go to the gym four to five days a week, which always makes me feel better. And not only that but walking! I love getting plugged into a podcast or walking/talking with a friend. We’ve just started attempting to take Champ on walks. Let’s just say it’ll be a while before I get to enjoy a long walk with him but we’ll get there.

#9 Light a Candle. No rocket science on this one, but it always makes my day feel better.

#10 Read before bed. I used to get in bed and scroll my phone, but not anymore. I must prefer reading a chapter or two before I drift off to sleep. Dare I say I think it even helps me sleep? If you’re a scroller, you should give this one a shot and see what you think!

Those are my top ten little things I do every day!

Next month we’re gonna share what’s in our grocery carts, but we are gonna tweak the date thanks to Spring Break. Instead of sharing the second week of March, we’ll be sharing March 20th. Hope to see you join us!

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  1. 2.14.24
    Sheaffer said:

    I LOVE a clean sweep. It always makes things SO! MUCH! BETTER! I think I’m going to do one right now!

  2. 2.14.24

    We are two peas in a pod…including that I’m never more rushed than a Sunday morning. Why is this?!

  3. 2.14.24
    Elspeth said:

    What a fun recap! I always try to get some movement in the day too! Happy Valentines Day!

  4. 2.14.24
    Abby Larson said:

    My girlfriends and I are also doing the Matchless study! I love love love Angie Smith and her bible studies! I’ve done Seamless twice now and it’s my fave ever.

    • 2.15.24
      Erika Slaughter said:

      AGREE!! Seamless is so GOOD!