Let’s Look-Fave Summer Find

Happy Wednesday from the mountains in Colorado! I’m finishing up this post on Tuesday evening and our windows are open with the coolest breeze blowing through the house. It’s delightful! Shay and I are here for our monthly link-up where we take a peek at the little things in our lives.

If you missed my January post where I shared all about how I schedule/keep track of things for our family, you should check it out.

In February, we shared our medicine cabinets, and you can see all the details in this post.

In March, we highlighted our FAVORITE Amazon purchases, EVER!

In April, we discussed our biggest pet peeves! Some of you agreed with me. 😉

May had us chit chatting about our morning routines. And last month I skipped because I was in Iceland.

This month we’re sharing our FAVORITE SUMMER FIND!

And you guys, honestly I haven’t been doing a ton of shopping. I’ve bought things for a purpose-baseball mom clothes for baseball games and that kind of thing but I haven’t just browsed around looking for the best deal. So, I’m this topic in a totally new direction. I’ve been thinking about what something I’ve been really loving and using this summer and it led me back to this…

The egg cooker I’ve been using off and on since I purchased in 2017. Before I get into why I love this little appliance so much, let me begin by telling you there’s been a lot of advancement in egg cooking technology. If I was gonna purchase one today, I’d be all over THIS EGG COOKER! The reviews are amazing, you can cook eggs a variety of ways, and it cooks up to 14 at a time. Plus, it’s on SALE!

Let’s go back to why I’m loving this little thing so very much. Every morning I enjoy a more hearty/savory type of breakfast, but I hate making a big mess in the kitchen early in the morning. So, I’ve been hard boiling two eggs for me and a few for any of my kids who’d like one. EASY PEASY!

My favorite way to eat breakfast this summer has been two hard boiled eggs with cottage cheese on toast. I add a bit of my favorite salsa and voila! The BEST breakfast is served!

We’ve also been eating lots of bowls or salads where you get to add whatever toppings you’d prefer. I’ll throw eggs in this cooker and will have hard boiled eggs just minutes later. Our cobb salads are SO much better with some eggs thrown on. You don’t have to watch the water or keep waiting for water to boil. You turn it on, walk away, and can hear the beep when they’re cooked.

What do you think? The most RANDOM summer {from 2017} EVER! But it’s honestly one of my favorite things I’m using and eating this summer! It’s worth a share. 🙂

August is gonna be fun when we chat about our worst habits! I’m already looking forward to it! Happy Wednesday, Friends!


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  1. 7.12.23

    I love to add hard boiled eggs to salads! Great product, I’ll have to check it out!

  2. 7.12.23
    Anne said:

    Wouldn’t it be great if it would peel the eggs too?

  3. 7.12.23
    Susy said:

    I love that you are so outdoorsy, adventuresome and seek a variety of beautiful environments. Hello national parks; hello Colorado!