Let’s Look-Morning Routines

It’s the Let’s Look day of the month! Each month Shay and I team up to take a little peek at something in our lives {and we invite you to do the same}. The hope is that we all learn a little bit from each other.

If you missed my January post where I shared all about how I schedule/keep track of things for our family, you should check it out.

In February, we shared our medicine cabinets, and you can see all the details in this post.

In March, we highlighted our FAVORITE Amazon purchases, EVER!

Last month we discussed our biggest pet peeves! Some of you agreed with me. 😉

Today, we’re sharing our MORNING ROUTINES! I’m gonna take you through a little typical morning for me. 🙂

#1 COFFEE-My morning always kicks off the same way…usually around 5:00 a.m. {give or take a bit depending on my work load for the day} with a cup of coffee. I’ve shared it before but it’s worth sharing again. You know it’s gonna be a good day when it’s THIS coffee I’m drinking, my favorite. This coffee deserves an honorable mention for the runner-up spot.

#2 BIBLE STUDY-Then I follow it up with reading my Bible, working on my Bible Study {this is my current one-I LOVE it}, and some prayer time. If I’m going to work out early, then I’ll go to the gym and read my bible when I’m back. I just flip those steps.

#3 WORK-My background is courtesy of Bowen. Then I have an hour+ to get some work done. I’ll check e-mails, work on MMT travel trips, and tackle my blog.

#4 WAKE-UPS-I get Bowen and Britt up for school. They go a little earlier than the middle schoolers so they’re up first. I make their breakfast most mornings…scrambled eggs/bacon, waffles/peanut butter/nutella, banana/peanut butter toast, greek yogurt/peanut butter/toppings, or overnight oats are some of their faves just to name a few.

#5 GET READY-While they’re eating breakfast and getting dressed, I’ll get myself ready. If I’m headed to the gym then that’s changing into workout clothes/washing my face/etc. If I’ve already been to the gym, then I shower, put on some quick make-up and do something with my hair. The big kids are usually waking up around this time.

#6 ELEMENTARY DROP OFF-Tab or I will drop the littles off at school.

#7-QUICK RESET-I mentioned this quick reset yesterday but after I get the kids off to school I like to do a quick reset…make sure dishes are put up, fluff the pillows, get a load of laundry started, etc. I always feel more productive if the house is good to go before getting to work.

#8 SECOND DROP OFF-Then I take the middle schoolers to school.

#9 WORK OUT/GET TO WORK-Depending on my day I either head straight to the gym or I go home to immediately get to work.

And that’s a little peek at our morning routine around The Slaughter House. :). What do YOU do around your house each morning? Next month, we’re looking at our best travel tips!

Hope you join us next month! Thanks for reading today, friends!


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  1. 5.10.23

    I love a good morning routine and the sense of accomplishment that comes after a productive morning

  2. 5.10.23

    I like to wake up early and get my Bible reading done, too. I need to add workouts to my routine!

  3. 5.10.23

    I’m still oh so obsessed with that gorgeous wallpaper there by your coffee maker 🙂 .

  4. 5.10.23
    Joanne said:

    I tend to go around the house room to room real quick and make sure everything is mostly cleaned up and ready for the day once everyone else has left for the day. I like knowing that the house is put in order before I sit down to school with my lone remaining homeschooler.