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Some of you are probably sighing as you read the title of the post. And others are excited to keep reading. Last week I boarded the Disney Wish, Disney’s newest cruise ship in their fleet, to sail with a group of travel agents who were there to experience all the Wish had to offer. I shared my daily experiences with you last week. You can see them all below….

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

I don’t know about you but reading travel blog posts are probably my FAVORITE type of blog post to read and those nosey day-in-the-life posts are a close second. This was kind of combining the two for you. If you’d like to see what we did each day, all the details are in those posts above, but I got some questions while I was on the ship I’m gonna answer today. Also, last week on the ship my links weren’t working. I got lots of questions about items I was wearing and just couldn’t share with you so I’m sharing those all here in this post as well. See? Then it’ll be my Disney Wish post, I promise. 😉

Let’s get right to the Q & A…

Right this minute we can book through the end of September 2024. I’d recommend booking the sooner the better. Unlike other cruise lines that have last minute specials on last minute bookings, Disney only has five cruise ships in their fleet right now so those ships get booked. If you’re interested in booking a Disney Cruise through the end of September 2024, reach out to us! We’d love to help you!

EEEKKK!!! I’m SO excited for you! If you’re dining in the three main dining rooms on the ship {and not one of the adult-only restaurants} then the dress code is very casual. You’ll see everything from matching families in Mickey shirts to families dressed in their very Sunday best. The main dining rooms don’t have a strict policy on what’s approved. I always pack cute dresses or something a little nicer for me and shorts/polo type shirts for the boys.

First of all, I got lots of questions about my hair! I did get it highlighted and trimmed the week before I left but nothing in my cut changed. I just used this blow dryer and then added this oil to smooth out the ends. That was it! The dress I bought from a local boutique, but found a few online here.

We can get to planning NOW if you’re interested in anytime between now and September 2024!

There are certain staterooms in specific locations that are supposed to help with feeling the very least amount of movement while sailing. I’d also recommend the sea sick patches and packing meds just in case you were to feel a bit of the ship’s movement.

My dress is a couple years ago, but this is the boutique where I ordered it. They have great prices and lots of really pretty options that are similar. My sandals, bracelets, and necklace I’ve shared before.

This is a tricky question because the cost of any cruise line can vary greatly depending on how many days you’re sailing, the number of guests in your stateroom, the type of stateroom you select, where your stateroom is located on the ship, etc., so I can’t really answer with a super reliable average estimate. But reach out to us and I’m happy to help you narrow down some dates, ships, etc. to get a better estimate for your family.

This is the perfect time for me to answer this question. 🙂 Since I was traveling without kids, I made sure to check out all the adult-only sections offered. I’m not sure if your “young adults” are 18 & older, but if they are…there’s a separate adult area called Serenity Bay on Castaway Cay complete with it’s own dining area, big beach area with lots of chairs, and a bar with wait staff. There’s also an adult-only pool with hot tubs, lounge chairs, coffee bar, and a cafe on the ship, as well as many lounges and bars. There are plenty of adult-only spaces if you are interested in enjoying some time there.

My dress is this one. These bracelets were easy to pack because they went with anything and everything and I got lots of questions about this ring. I got my ring years ago and it’s still in stock!!

I think this totally depends on your child. Reach out to me and we can chat specifics about what works well for your child and what doesn’t. I think that would be a better way to help you since all children are different.

Yes! We stopped in Nassau on the particular day this person was asking about and I’ve actually visited Nassau three different times before. So yes, I’ve visited before. Also we had training that morning, I still had to fit in some work time {it wasn’t vacation only for me}, and I wanted to really get a feel for some specific areas on the ship both on a port day and a day at sea to feel the difference in crowds.

I truly believe there are things to do at both Walt Disney World and on a Disney Cruise for all ages. It really depends more on what type of vacation you’re looking for….Walt Disney World is more thrills, lots of magic, and a quicker paced vacation while Disney Cruise is more of a beach {or whatever destination you’re visiting} vacation with some Disney magic sprinkled in.

I got my cover-up at a local boutique and can’t find anything similar online. I did wear this cover-up in turquoise the day before but forgot to snag a pic. I LOVED it BUT I accidentally dried it when I returned and can now wear it as a top. MAKE sure you just lay it flat to dry!

I’ve sailed on both the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, which both hold around 2,400 guests but the Disney Wish holds 4,000 guests so this ship was much larger. I was worried about it feeling extremely crowded and I never felt that way. Disney Cruise Line does a great job of having many activities occurring at the same time so the people are all split into different areas. The quick noticeable differences to me were the Disney Wish has a large splash area for children three and under, the Aqua Mouse was big, and the pool deck is tiered which made it feel way more open and spacious.

The food was great! I can’t speak on comparing their food to many other cruise lines because while I’ve sailed five times on other cruise lines with three other cruise companies, I realize that’s just a small snippet of what’s out there in the cruise world.

One thing that sits Disney Cruise Line apart from other cruise lines is their rotational dining. Each ship has three main dining rooms with a fun, themed decor/style. No matter the length of your cruise you rotate from dining room to dining room each night {sometimes repeating one or several depending on the length} and your wait staff moves with you each night. This is a really cool thing DCL does so your family gets to know their servers. I often saw childrens’ drinks already sitting out on tables just waiting for their arrival because by night three their server knew exactly what they’d choose.

For a family of six, there are suites that would sleep your family of six or we can look at connecting staterooms that could house your family.

My maxi dress is old and this particular brand typically comes out with new patterns and prints each season. These are all similar dresses. I’ve been packing this dress for beach vacations for YEARS so a cost per wear situation made it a great purchase.

In 2023 and 2024, the Disney Magic is sailing out of Galveston on select dates. The Disney Magic is Disney Cruise Line’s first ship but it was refurbished in 2018. Disney does a great job of keeping all the ships very similar across the board. Disney Magic was the first Disney ship we sailed and we absolutely loved it!

I can’t say for sure if the Disney+ promotion will return but we did discuss this specific promotion in training and I know it definitely led to many new bookings so fingers crossed! Disney offers select savings on specific bookings for military guests. Again, reach out to us to get more specific on certain dates.

There are so many perks to concierge staterooms…early on board/port bookings {this includes those Castaway Cay cabanas that get snagged up by concierge guests}, personal concierge during your cruise, priority boarding, separate check-in at the cruise terminal, exclusive lounge on the ship, open bar at the concierge lounge during certain times, private sun deck on board, special gifts in your stateroom, upgraded amenities inside your staterooms, additional wifi is included, exclusive character meet and greets, priority seating for the nightly shows, and more.

The food is included! Lunch is served from 11:30-2:00 p.m. in multiple locations on the island. The meal, soft drinks, and soft serve ice cream are all included. 🙂

My dress is a couple seasons old but this is the newer version.

GIRL!!!! Yes, yes, it would! I’d be sharing that if it were the case. The sun does definitely help though. Many of you sent me the eczema post from an Instagrammer {is that a word?} from this past week where she started taking shots and it completely healed her eczema. I’ve actually talked to my doctor about that exact medication. My only hesitation is this particular medication is a weekly shot I’d give myself and should I ever stop using it, then if I want to take it again it won’t work. There might be a word for that type of thing, but basically if I stop using it then it won’t have the same effect if I begin again. Since eczema is fairly new to me, I feel like I should be trying other things before committing to this medication for life? I’m going back and forth on this, but there’s my riveting eczema update. :).

Oooohhh…there’s so much to do on a Disney Cruise for a six-year-old girl! The dinners every night, shows every evening, meet and greets {we can book some of these ahead of time}, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique makeover and some time in the Oceaneer’s Club are to name a few.

Pack’n plays or similar convertible cribs are available upon request.

I’ve enjoyed all three ships I’ve cruised with Disney Cruise. This particular ship since I was traveling solo and had my travel agent glasses on the entire time {wasn’t splitting my time with my mom hat, you know what I mean?}. So I noticed so many gorgeous details and amazing additions. I’d say the Disney Wish was my favorite ship! The other two I’ve sailed are close seconds though. There isn’t a huge discrepancy in Disney’s newest ship and the older ships. Disney does a great job of refurbishing their ships so that doesn’t happen.

ASAP!!! Reach out to me STAT! 🙂

I think I’d start with the exact cruise I just did. I’d recommend a smaller one, 3-4 nights to the Bahamas with stops at Nassau and Castaway Cay. Like I said, the Disney Wish is stunning so it’s a great way to experience all that DCL has to offer but do it without committing to a full week.

YES! That itinerary looks incredible. Another agent and I talked about that sailing the entire time. What this person is referring to is Disney just bought another island they’re calling, Lighthouse Point. There are select itineraries in 2024 that will sail to both of Disney’s private islands, Castaway Cay and Lighthouse Point. So you’d get some AMAZING beach days! Reach out to me and I can get options for this exact sailing for your crew!

With a family of seven, I’d recommend a suite that will sleep all seven or two connecting staterooms. Depending on price, availability, etc. we could decide what’s the best option for your family.

I forgot to snap a picture of my travel home outfit but this was the EXACT outfit...tee and “loggers”.

My first recommendations is any non-holiday or school break time of year will price better than holidays or summer simply because most children are in school. I’d start with that when you’re considering options but again, reach out and I can get more specific.

Thanks for hanging in there and talking Disney Cruises with me all last week! If you have a question I missed, please comment or shoot it to me via IG messages and I’ll try to get it answered for you. Happy Tuesday, Everyone! I’m off to enjoy a day full of water and splashing with kindergarten!

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