Disney Wish-Day Three

Hey There, Friends! Whew! What a FUN DAY I’ve had on the Disney Wish! Today, we ported in Nassau, Bahamas, but I actually stayed on the ship to enjoy all the fun Disney Cruise Line has to offer.

We kicked off the morning with some early training. Super nice of them to start it early so those who wanted to get off the ship had plenty of time to explore.

I grabbed breakfast on the aft of the ship with these gorgeous views.

And I made my way over to the Senses Fitness Center. It was STUNNING!

And really empty, which is my favorite type of gym. haha!

I got a quick workout in before…

I got my swimsuit and cover-up on! I had planned to meet new friends for lunch and then some adult-only pool time.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day in Nassau!

We had lunch and enjoyed the adult-only lounge pool. I’m not even sure what this pool was called. It was shaped like a big round booth with a bench but water came out from the top part of the bench. Not sure if that makes any sense but it was amazing! We were HOT and it kept us cool as we chatted.

We snagged a little more time on the sun deck before calling it a day.

The family pool wasn’t busy at all when I walked back to my stateroom….slides, multiple pools, and a movie playing mid-day makes this a really cool spot to hang out.

I showered {and washed my hair-that in itself is a feat-ha!} and got dressed to go meet with my Disney Business Development Manager for some one-on-one time. We met years ago for like thirty seconds when I was in Orlando for Walt Disney World training. We e-mail and chat on the phone periodically, but we hadn’t really had substantial time to talk.

And our meeting was SO GOOD! She’s a wealth of Disney knowledge and is so good at meeting each agent right where we are by focusing on our own individual strengths and weaknesses. I loved getting to discuss with her.

On my walk to dinner, I got a look at Captain Mickey and Minnie’s Pirate Party.

This shrimp and scallop pasta was delish for dinner!

Then we had a little bit of a rock concert with the pirate crew. Captain Jack Sparrow showed up and for a good five minutes I wasn’t quite sure if Johnny Depp was actually on the ship or not.

We ended the night with a FIREWORK SHOW! {Of course I was standing where the fireworks were hard to see! haha!}

Day Three you were a good one! I’m looking forward to tomorrow and all that our day at sea will hold! Happy Thursday, Friends!


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  1. 5.18.23

    Looks so much fun! Thanks for taking us along!
    http://www.elspethsdayb yday.com

  2. 5.18.23

    Another fun day in the books!!

  3. 5.18.23
    Sheaffer said:

    It all looks amazing, BUT THAT PASTA!!!!! YUM!