Friday Favorites-9.9.22

FRIDAY, am I glad to see you?! We stayed up way too late watching that Bills/Rams game last night so this mama needs a day to sleep in a bit. I’m looking at you, Saturday. ha! Our sports start at 10:30 on Saturday which means it’ll happen for me! I hope you’ve all had a great week! Andrea and I are sharing some FAVORITES from our week. As always, we invite you to join us! I’ve gotta tell you-my list is RANDOM today! It’s all over the place, but I’ve got some good finds for you!

First up, is this It’s All Under Control bible study. I ordered this study because Amazon recommended it and well, most of the time Amazon knows what I need. Right? I’m not a super controlling person. I’m not someone who gets bent out of shape if things don’t go my way…or at least that’s what I’d have said. This study is helping me see the areas in my life I grip on WAY TOO tightly instead of letting God fully have the reigns. It’s been eye opening but it’s definitely a FAVORITE! The study has you read certain chapters of the book each week so if you’re thinking of ordering I’d order both if you haven’t read the book.


A friend posted this meme and I can’t agree more…a FAVORITE! Just this week-both Tuesday AND Wednesday I dressed in long sleeves and shorts thinking that would be the perfect transition outfit. Spoiler alert-it was just plain HOT!


Most of the time I order my groceries online and swing by the store to pick them up, never really walking inside. But this week I had to pop in to grab a couple things and found myself adding new items to my cart or items I’ve never seen before. A few new FAVORITES you should try if you spy them at your store…

This Dill dip isn’t new to me, but it’s hard for me to find. My local store carries the ranch but not the dill. When I found it, I considered grabbing more than one. I absolutely love the dill…it tastes super fresh and is better for you than most dips. Win-win! I eat it with everything! Carrots, chips, pretzels, you name it, I’ll try it!

Have you seen the Pefect Snacks bars? They’re in the refrigerated section and all have some kind of peanut butter flavor. Well, I LOVE a peanut butter cup so when I saw these I knew I needed to try. It definitely tastes like the healthier version of a peanut butter cup but just one cup satisfied my sweet tooth and I saved the second cup for another time. Hands-down will keep these on hand for when I want something sweet but still want to make a semi-good decision!

Let me introduce you to my new FAVORITE creamer…Pumpkin Pecan! YES!!! Don’t come at me for saying this, but most of the time pumpkin creamer is a bit too strong. This combination though is AMAZING!


A new FAVORITE series, Football Fashion, started this week! I got some of the sweetest messages from you guys who seems just as excited to follow along! If you missed it, check out the first post from earlier this week!


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  1. 9.9.22

    I’m going to need you to tell me exactly where to purchase that creamer! I’m going to buy it TODAY!!

    • 9.9.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      I got mine at Tom Thumb!

  2. 9.9.22
    Elspeth said:

    That dill dip is a favorite of mine too. Perfect to snack on while watching football games!

  3. 9.9.22
    Haley said:

    You should try the Quest Nutrition Peanut Butter cups. They are even healthier and taste almost just like a regular peanut butter cup. I don’t know how they do it. They are the same brand as the chips I’ve seen you post about. My husband and I love all of their protein bars and snacks.

  4. 9.9.22
    Amy said:

    Do you think the devotional would be good for a college student? My daughter deals with anxiety masked as control and thought it would be good for her unless it was more geared towards mom struggles. Thanks!

    • 9.13.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Hi Amy, I’d say it’s probably more for moms. I’ll be on the look out for something geared more towards teens!

  5. 9.9.22
    Joanne said:

    I don’t even drink coffee and think that creamer sounds fabulous!

  6. 9.12.22
    Lovely said:

    The dill dip sounds amazing. Have a great start to the week.