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How ironic is this?! Yesterday I shared a little update on this home remodel and I’ve gotta be honest-I was in a good place as I typed. Well, I spoke way too soon because yesterday the water was shut off for most of the day, the crew was digging in my bathroom which was crazy loud, and a door had to be open most of the afternoon so it was HOT! A girlfriend sent me this graphic that said, “You know what’s cool about living through a remodel? Nothing. There’s nothing cool about it.” Bahahahaha! That is my life right now!

So all that to say I’m having to really go with the flow when it comes to some things and my blog post for today was half finished when I decided to push it off to next week. You can see it next Thursday. 😉

A DAY IN THE LIFE is going DOWN! Be sure to follow along via Instagram. I’ve been on a small Instagram streak…I think I’m on day three of posting. Watch out world! ha!

Have the best Thursday, Everyone! Come back tomorrow to check out some faves from the week!


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  1. 9.8.22
    Elspeth said:

    Can’t wait to follow along!

  2. 9.8.22

    I’m here for it!