Football Fashion-Mom Must-Haves

You Guys! I’m SUPER excited about this post today! For so many reasons…

  1. September is here and magically Texas has decided to get the fall memo a bit earlier than normal {I do realize I’m jinxing the weather for next week but it must be said}. We had some cooler temps over the weekend and they were glorious!
  2. College Game Day was “officially” back this weekend and I WAS HERE FOR IT! Someone messaged me and had the best analogy…September 1st is to Shay as Football Season is to Erika. hahahahaha!
  3. Tab and I have been married for 17 years and for the last 18 years he’s been praying his love of football would transfer over to me. I think it began in roughly year 15 and well, now I’m full blown INTO it. {I think it majorly helps that I have two boys that want to keep up with all the scores throughout the weekend.}
  4. I don’t just have one favorite team. I love many which is going to make this new series even more fun! And Nixon would say I’m a fair weather fun, but let’s be real-when your team is winning, it’s WAY more fun! Who can blame me?

Without further ado, welcome to the new series…

FOOTBALL FASHION, where each Tuesday I’ll be featuring ALL THINGS FOOTBALL. And lots of fashion-although not always, but Football Fashion just had a ring. ;). We’ll cover lots of Game Day Gear, our favorite foods to eat while we’re watching the game, lots of football photos, some Fantasy Football updates {because Bowen and I are determined we’re going to win-even though a Fantasy Football professional looked at our roster and gave us a HUGE side eye}, and so much more. This blog space used to be filled up with daily baby pictures because that was mostly my life, but nowadays football is such a big part of our family it just felt right. If you have some topics, you’d like me to share on a Football Fashion Tuesday, please send them to me!

To kick this series off properly, I’ve gotta take you WAY back to one of our earliest games Tab and I attended together, the Super Bowl in 2008.

And our alma mater, Arkansas State, way back in 2008 as well.

Now my football watching days look a little different. I’m either watching nine-year-olds on the field, I’m in the stands surrounded by my kids, or I’m in my most cozy things watching from my house. And I know that’s probably the case for most of us so I rounded up some super cute “Mom” looks that are all still very fashionable for Game Day!

Game Day Sweatshirt | Customizable Hat | Clear Bag with Gold Chain Strap | Football Tees | Sequin GAME DAY Pouch | Clear Bag with Leather Strap | Football Earrings | Game Day Earrings | Team Customizable Earrings | Judith March GAME DAY Sweatshirt Judith March CLASSY TILL KICKOFF Sweatshirt White Boots Black Sequin Boots Star Tennis Shoes 

Tab’s first college game we attended in Conway, Arkansas.

And we all made the trip to Mizzou to watch him officiate the next year. {Ebby Lee was clearly mad at her brother in this picture}.

Here’s to hoping it’s going to be a fun season and that the quality of the pics I share just get better. ha! Next week, we’re going to be talking about Nixon’s favorite team! It’s gonna be a good one!

See you back here tomorrow! XO

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