Birthday Parades-Quarantine Style

I know.  I know.  
Another day, another birthday post.  
I promise this is my last birthday post until August.

The big kids both had birthdays last week.  Yes, they’re just twelve months and three days apart so we usually have one week that’s ALL birthday talk in April.  

Birthday parades are all the rage right now during this quarantine life we’re living and my kids {and I, as well} have some of the VERY BEST FRIENDS.  They planned fun, themed parades for them, SHOWED UP, and made their days so very special.  My hope is no matter how busy our lives become post-quarantine that we remember the importance of SHOWING UP in the middle of baseball schedules, dance recitals, football games, and more.  

I want to remember these days forever and I hope you get inspired to parade for your loved ones as well.
Ebby Lee had no clue a parade was about to happen, but I made up some story about her grandma wanting me to send her a picture of the birthday girl so as I was taking her picture she started hearing the honks.  THIS EXPRESSION is everything!

And let me tell you-her people showed up and EGGED her with Easter eggs filled with goodies and sweet messages written inside or out wishing her the best day!

Who knew seeing all this people show up to love our girl would have me tearing up in the front yard?  My neighbors from across the street took this one.

Please notice, Britt happened to have pockets in that romper and this girl was living her BEST LIFE.

See Britt’s face?  hahahahahha!

Friends from school, friends from her volleyball team, friends from church, and my friends all showed up to shower my girl with lots of birthday love.  And it was the sweetest.

We even had a car shooting off some sort of colored smoke or confetti.  I’m telling you-it was so darn sweet.

 And it MADE her day! 

And this girl’s day was made too.

We’ve been social distancing from M and haven’t gotten close but a birthday hug was given before back to social distancing.

A friend from church made both of my kiddos a birthday cake and THEY WERE DELICIOUS!  Ebby Lee had a strawberry cake with real strawberries.  

And for dinner I picked up sushi {her request}. 



On Easter, this guy turned TEN!  We woke up to rainy skies but by mid-morning it was gorgeous outside.

 We watched Easter service online and then loaded up for a big family bike ride.

Can you spy those two in the window?  We made a pit stop to see some FAVORITES {from a distance} on our ride.

A lot of playing outside and relaxin’ was happening and then this…

BIRTHDAY PARADE #2!  Nixon’s friends SHOWED UP and tossed balls at him to celebrate his big day.  I couldn’t have thought of a better way to party with him from afar.  He LOVED IT!

Friends from school, friends from baseball, friends from church, and some family friends all showed up to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  {There were more cars but I got distracted mid-parade.}

 If you can’t tell by the smiles, he had THE BEST DAY!  And again-I learned a lesson in SHOWING UP.

Football and OU are two of Nixon’s favorite things so his cake represented him well.

Nixon’s dinner request was steak and baked potatoes followed by chocolate cake.  The PERFECT way to end a birthday.

I hope this encourages you today to honk, scream, play your crazy music too loud, and SHOW UP for your people not just on their birthdays but 365 days a year.  Here’s to hoping we all take something good out of this quarantine life we’re living now.  And here’s to SHOWING UP.

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  1. 4.14.20
    ReachingBeyondMediocrity said:

    I love this so much! Simply showing up is so meaningful!

  2. 4.14.20
    Unknown said:

    Awwwwwww! Highlights of our WEEK!!!!

  3. 4.14.20
    blondiefromtexas said:

    Show Up ~ Give A Flip ~ Repeat ~ is my moto!

  4. 4.14.20
    Callie said:

    This made me feel so sappy! I love these stories! We did a drive by honking parade after a couple of friends got married outside (with less than 10 people) and it was so much fun! I love this!

  5. 4.14.20
    Julie Bradford said:

    SOOOO FUN!!!!!! looks like everyone was living their best life!!!! so fun & a great way to make them feel special on their birthday during this unusual crazy time!!!!

  6. 4.14.20
    Jennifer said:

    My niece is turning 7 at the end of the month and is completely bummed. My husband and I ordered her a happy birthday yard sign that is going to be delivered in the middle of the night. We are all in this together!

  7. 4.14.20
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    This is so fun! What a great way to celebrate while being safe!

  8. 4.14.20
    Mary said:

    Hi Erika! Have a soon-to-be 10 yr old next week and I love this idea! I know you said no more bday posts but I’d LOVE if you feel like sharing any details about the way you organized the parades! ����

  9. 4.15.20
    Auntie T said:

    Love this! Showing up for your people is everything!!!

  10. 4.15.20
    Sheaffer Told Me To said:

    You know I would have been bawling like a baby. So sweet!

  11. 4.15.20
    Mactoyourcheese said:

    Thank you for sharing so much fun with the birthday parades…I love the idea of showing up. Our church did a sermon on “showing up” back in January. It was the day after my step-dad had passed away suddenly. At the end while everyone had their heads bowed and was praying, our pastor said “God is telling me someone here is grieving the loss of a loved one”. Well, I lost it then, but the next thing I know, some friends who were on the other side of the church, were suddenly by my side. They hugged us, and prayed over us. They “Showed Up” and it was a great comfort to us. Showing up, in happy times, hard times, anytime, is a good thing. ��