Bowen’s Football Birthday Getaway

How’s your week?  We’re just moving this week along quickly!  Can’t believe it’s already Wednesday!

Apparently, I’m going to be sharing about November birthdays this week. πŸ™‚  It wasn’t meant to be that way but it’s happening.  

When given the option of having a party or the two of us joining Tab at his game in Seattle, Bowen chose a little birthday getaway.  Ask me if I was mad about that.  ha!  It worked great because the two older kids were at a church event most of the weekend and Britt spent the weekend getting spoiled by Marla.  It was a win-win for us all!

Friday, we snagged this guy from school just a bit early.

Typically, Tab isn’t out of town three nights but we wanted to have a little extra time to sight see.  By the time we landed, got to our hotel, and checked in we were too tired to do anything for dinner outside of the hotel restaurant. 

Saturday morning we got all ready to see the sights of Seattle.  It was chilly so I bundled.  πŸ™‚

My coat is this one and my beanie is old.

It was a Bowen-gets-to-choose kind of morning.

Which is why we started with freshly made donuts and coffee.

Hands-down our favorite part of the market…all the fish stands!

We strolled around the famous market taking it all in.  My boots from last year are back!

It was right at this location when Bowen spotted the aquarium.

We snagged some tickets online and walked right over.

We spent a quick 45’ish minutes at the aquarium before deciding we were all ready for lunch.  

This map store on the way to lunch got Tab’s attention.  Any other husbands that could stare at maps for hours?  Or is it just mine?

Lunch with a cute view out the window.  Someone had recommended Matt’s in the Market to Tab for lunch.  You guys!  I started eating before taking a picture, but this lunch was delicious!  Started with oysters and ended with a catfish sandwich and another fish sandwich.  We went halfsies.  It was SO good!  I can’t stress it enough…if you’re heading to Seattle soon, make a reservation for lunch.

We strolled around a bit longer before going back to the hotel for Tab’s pre-game meetings.  Bowen and I chilled while he was in his meetings.

Dinner was a good one!  Tab made a mistake years ago when he let one of the boys tag along with him.  The crew went out for a nice steak dinner so now my boys equate football with dad to nice steak dinners.  ha!  The three of us had the best dinner!  

Sunday was GAME DAY!  Bowen and I ubered over to the game, which was super easy {but ubering back to our hotel was total chaos}, found our seats and were set!

It was just a tad chilly in Seattle.

The view from our seats.

It was a fun experience for us both!  Bowen got sucked right into the Seahawk gear. Can you tell?

We had a nice dinner with the crew after the game and then our flight left crazy early the next morning.  It was a great little birthday trip and made it feel even more special that it was our first time to tag along.

A great way to celebrate this kid turning nine.


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  1. 12.1.21
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    What special one on one time! Happy birthday Bowen!

  2. 12.1.21
    Unknown said:

    Please share where you got the pink top you wore to dinner ! It’s darling

  3. 12.1.21
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I am so excited that Bowen had a great birthday trip! That sweet boy deserved one!!!

  4. 12.2.21
    Sarah said:

    So exciting you came to my state!! So sad our beloved Seahawks lost but I love that he had DK’s jersey on!!

  5. 12.6.21
    Jennibell said:

    THAT is a birthday to remember??? Who ever talks about their birthday parties as adults except when they are extra-special like that one πŸ™‚