Birthday Celebration 2018

You guys know my mother-in-law, Marla.  She’s so stinkin’ cute, she loves making things fun for my kiddos, and she knows how to throw a good party.  Last Friday evening, she hosted a little joint birthday dinner for me and Tab.  I had no clue what to expect {and looking back on these pictures I probably shouldn’t have had the girls bathe and let them wear pajamas over there} and was told the kiddos needed to arrive a few minutes early.  Tab and I sat quietly in the living room while they were upstairs getting ready.  They came down like this…

I mean.  SO stinkin’ cute!

These four were our servers for the evening.

Marla had made this cute little sign.  And the old age sign was outside on the sidewalk when we arrived.

A little close-up…I had no clue what a “Wimpy” bar was.  Do you guys know?  On Sunday afternoon, my kiddos all asked if they could have some candy and we allowed them to choose one.  Nixon asked us what a “Wimpy” was but I totally thought it was a Snickers with a name on the front.  Tab did too.  His exact words were, “if you’re feeling wimpy, you need a Snickers”.  Clearly, he made that up.  A few seconds after Nixon started eating it, he was frantically shouting, “MY THROAT BURNS”!  {He can not handle anything remotely spicy.}  I got him some water and he just kept saying it.  For a few minutes, I was nervous he’d become allergic to peanuts and was having some sort of reaction.  I glanced at the wrapper and saw the chili pepper image.  Just to clear things up, a Wimpy candy bar is not the same thing as a Snickers.  It’s a “fiery” Snickers and according to Nixon it tastes MUCH different.


The table was set with all sorts of fun birthday decor.

I haven’t found this room in Marla’s house, but my guess is she has some sort of secret party room where she keeps all her party supplies. 😉

Marla can set a FUN table!

Then our servers approached and showed us the menu.  Nixon was my special waiter for the evening.

Ebby Lee took care of Tab.

And Bowen took care of G…you should have seen the notes he was taking about what G wanted to eat.  

My server couldn’t have been cuter.

We each got a menu…

That was all about the Slaughter family.

Marla had made a delicious dinner of Tab’s Yellow Flag Chicken, Bo Bo’s Po-ta-toes, G’s Green Beans, and Slaughter Sealed Salad.  My server was so sweet to point out the “specials” or “features” for the evening so I knew exactly how to order.  Tab didn’t understand what was happening so he ordered items that had “just sold out” a few times.   ha!

And I got to sit beside this cutie.

I really should have taken a picture of my plate.  Marla knocked it out of the park on dinner AND dessert!  I wanted to share the details because my kiddos thought it was so fun to celebrate this way.  They really did a great job, took it very seriously, and were so helpful.  Now, I know Marla did all the work.  {Thank you, Marla!!}  But, this would be a fabulous way to celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, Birthdays and so much more.

Such a fabulous birthday idea!

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

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