How ‘Bout Them Cowboys?

Last Saturday, Tab had a scrimmage out of town {FOOTBALL IS HERE, YOU GUYS!  Ready or not, here it comes!} AND he had tickets to the Dallas Cowboys’ preseason game against the Bengals.  What’s a guy to do?

I’m pretty sure he tried to give the tickets away before he finally realized he should strongly encourage Erika to take the kids ALONE to the game.  hahaha!

Nixon’s begging alone would have worked, but to be honest ALL the kids were excited about it.

It didn’t take this girl long to start cheering!

The seats were amazing but the foam fingers had to be the hit of the night.

See what I mean about the seats?

We had a parking pass, so we got to park right next to the stadium.  Thankfully, because with all the traffic we barely made it in time to see the beginning festivities.

This girl was MADE to be a cheerleader.  I knew the three big kiddos would watch and be totally fine.  I just wasn’t sure about Britt, but she did GREAT!

FYI…I think the beach got condensation, humidity, or maybe just plain sand inside the camera part of my phone so please know it’s on my list of things “to-do” this week.  SO BLURRY!

Britt is into mimicking anything and everything she sees people do.  Do you see the guy sitting beside her?  He had his arm propped up on his leg and please note what Miss Britt was doing.

This kid was INTO it!

And so were they.  🙂

After the first quarter, we made our way up to grab some food.  The guy taking our picture said Britt was holding up a #1 with her finger so for picture number two, he had us all do it.  ha!

While we were eating, we found one of Nixon’s baseball friends!  CRAZY, right?!  In a stadium full of people we found a family we knew!  The boys were pumped to see Drew.

Britt was pretty happy about it too.  🙂

After that little break, we made our way back to the seats and I started hearing THUNDER.  In a loud stadium, I was hearing thunder, which seemed all kinds of wrong to me.  I got a couple texts from people telling me to be safe on the drive back, so I started watching this window.  At one point there was ALL kinds of rain, but toward the end of the game it slowed down and we made a run for our car.

All in all, a super fun Saturday night!

Who’s your team?  Who are you cheering for this year?
It’s gonna be a good FOOTBALL season, girls!  Ready or not…

here it comes.  🙂

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