Top Ten Questions

Hey Friends! Last week during my Day in the Life over on Insta Stories I asked for questions and I got some really great ones. So many good ones in fact, I decided to share them here as well! I took the top ten and will share the others in a few other posts.

*Where is Tab this weekend?

Tab and Nixon were both in Philadelphia for the Steelers/Eagles game this past Sunday. Nix got to run the Rocky steps, check out the Liberty Bell, and have his first Philly cheesesteak. They had a great weekend, just the two of them.

*Have you always been an early riser? If not, tips for getting in the habit?

No, I haven’t always been an early riser. My two years of back to back newborn babies had me wanting to stay in bed until I was forced awake. ha! It wasn’t until I started working from home that I realized if I got up earlier than the kids woke up, I could really get some things accomplished. My biggest tip is start small. Just begin by setting your alarm fifteen or twenty minutes before your kids normally wake up and see how good that coffee tastes when your house is quiet. My guess is you’ll enjoy that quiet so much it’ll easily become a new routine.

*How’s the remodel coming?

EEEEKKK!!!! It’s coming along. We’re at the very end stages and right this second our entire house is taped up. We can’t get into clothes or dressers. The painters have it all taped off so securely. If you see us wearing the same thing on repeat, that is why. Painting has officially begun and as soon as that’s finished we’ll be able to slowly start moving things back in! We are counting down the days!

*How did you come up with your kids’ names?

I’ve written several blog posts where we chit chat all about kids’ names. Where we got the names, what I’d name a baby if I were to have one tomorrow, and you know anything else revolving around that kind of thing. You can see it in this blog post.

*Is your ring new?

Yes, BUT it’s from Amazon! haha! I’ve been meaning to get my wedding ring and band tweaked a bit PLUS my fingers seem to be shrinking in length but expanding in circumference. ha! Why is that happening? Anyway, right now they’re both packed away in a box and mid-summer I realized I was about to go months without wearing a ring which didn’t feel right. So I bought one Sheaffer’d mentioned on her blog. It looks REALLY good in person.

*Favorite quality of each family member?

Tab-He’s the best motivator. He pushes all four of our kids and even me to get outside our comfort zone. I’m only supposed to be listing one thing but his “dad” title is one of my favorite things about Tab. Love getting to see the way he inspires them, gives them all unbelievable pep talks, and just motivates them to be their best selves.

Ebby Lee-She’s the most responsible BY FAR. She’s handles her homework load, keeps up with her schedule, and even takes care of the others at times.

Nixon-He’s the natural born leader of the four kids. And it’s so cool to see how God designed him that way exactly. He pretty much entered the world and was that way.

Bowen-He is THE most easy-going kid. He can get along with anybody, have a good time wherever he goes, and is gonna have a good attitude about it.

Britt-She is the one who makes us laugh the most. Britt will do “the gritty”, sing a silly song, or say something crazy that keeps us all laughing-usually when we just need it the most.

Oops! I realize I started explaining their personalities a bit but maybe that helps you get to “meet” them.

*What shampoo/conditioner do you use? And any other hair products?

Right this minute I’m using Olaplex products. I use the shampoo, conditioner, and then mix a bit of the Olaplex Bonding Smoother with a bit of the Bonding Oil to put on my hair before bed each night.

*How many hours do you work for Mix and Match Travel on average per week?

If you add up my hours for the entire week {I get in lots of hours on the weekends, early mornings or later nights} then it’s the same as a full time job. The only difference is I’m getting the flexibility of adding up those hours over the course of seven days instead of the typical five days. I absolutely LOVE getting to work for MMT!

*What kind of car do you drive?

A Chevrolet Suburban that happens to be having major brake issues right now. UGH!

*Why are you living in the next town over? **THIS WAS THE MOST ASKED QUESTION BY FAR!

These people must have missed our major home renovation announcement! ha! We’re living in the next town over because once the house crew began working on the stairs we had to move out for a while. Right after the stairs they got started on taping off everything and are now onto painting. We’re living at Tab’s parents’ house just about ten-fifteen minutes down the street. {It all depends on how many red lights I hit on the drive.}. We should be moving into our house in the next couple weeks. Fingers crossed!

That’s a wrap on the first ten questions!


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  1. 11.2.22
    Elspeth said:

    I love Q and A posts! Always so fun to read! Happy Wednesday!

  2. 11.2.22
    Mel D said:

    Yay! I live in Philly and we are certainly having an exciting sports season – undefeated Eagles, Phillies in the World Series and the Union in the MLS soccer champs!

  3. 11.2.22

    I see how much you’re working…it’s way more than a 40 hour work week. You are FABULOUS at what you do. I am SO thankful for your contribution to the team!!

  4. 11.3.22
    Rebecca Carney said:

    Loved seeing that your guys were in Philly last weekend. Hope Nixon enjoyed the experience! Definitely an exciting time to be in our city! Did he like the cheesesteak? I’m curious where they ate them from?

    • 11.3.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Hmmmm…I’m gonna have to ask Tab!

  5. 11.4.22
    Sheaffer said:

    Several things:
    *The kitchen is looking fabulous! I can hardly wait to see everything!
    *That ring really is soooo good.
    *Loved reading about everybody’s best traits. So sweet.
    *Now I want a Philly cheesesteak.