A Panicked State with a House Update

Guys! I’m typically a glass half-full kind of girl. I visited the house yesterday and noticed the painting crew had painted the kitchen cabinets, had painted all the trim, and were making a few touch-ups. When Tab got home from work I was all smiles showing him pictures and his immediate response was, “HOW is that gonna be ready by Thanksgiving?”.




My glass half-full self hadn’t even allowed myself to go there, but here we are. I’m now a bit panicked! I’m not sure that now we will be in the house in the next three weeks BUT i do have a little update for you. The kitchen cabinets all got a nice coat of paint. And I’m LOVING it!

Drumroll please….we went with Alabaster on the kitchen cabinets and all the trim.

Crazy how the lighting changes everything. Same spot just a side of the room with less light. More new painted cabinets. We still have to get the backsplash added, some of the cabinet faces {glass}, all the appliances in, and light fixtures have to be installed.

Our dining room with all the trim painted a fresh, crisp white looked really pretty!

A little peek at the new stairs and all the newly painted trim. It was dark in most parts of the house and I was trying to stay out of the crew’s way.

And in this front room all of our furniture is in the middle of the room and covered with plastic but that trim is looking great.

Wallpaper has been ordered and I’m anxiously awaiting the rooms to get their new coats of paint! It’s getting close! Fingers crossed it’s like three-weeks kind of close!


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  1. 11.3.22
    Elspeth said:

    Love all your house updates! Can’t wait for the finished product!

  2. 11.3.22
    Laura said:

    Looks great so far! Can’t wait for the big reveal!
    For the cabinets, did you purchase them from Lowes or Home Depot or from a cabinet maker?
    How come they don’t come already prepainted?
    I’m new to this and want to update our kitchen.

    • 11.3.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Hi Laura! Our cabinets were custom built so the cabinet guys delivered and installed those but now painters are painting. I’m guessing it’s just because the cabinet guys don’t paint?

  3. 11.3.22

    You picked the right paint! It looks FABULOUS!!

    • 11.3.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      THANK YOU!!

  4. 11.3.22
    Amy said:

    It is looking so good!! Almost inspires me to do a remodel…almost. 😂

    • 11.3.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      ALMOST!! hahaha!

  5. 11.3.22
    WhittyWife (Lindsay) said:

    So exciting!!! Let’s be positive and plan for 3 weeks! 😊 Are your kitchen countertops quartz? We’re currently having quartz installed, and I’m so excited by how highly recommended it is!

    • 11.3.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Lindsay, I like the way you think but we discussed today. Not happening! Yes, I have quartz too. They’re all covered now but when the paper is gone I’ll share!

  6. 11.3.22
    Paige M Wright said:

    So exciting!!! I just used Alabaster in my bathroom redo and I love it too. I have a question for you, did your painters paint your plantation shutters as well? We have them in our living area that we will be painting alabaster as well and did not know if those can be painted as well. I hope you all get in in 3 weeks, it looks to me like it can happen if everything falls into place 🙂 I’m also a glass half full haha

    • 11.3.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      You’re totally a glass half-full girl! Yes, they painted our shutters as well. It really brightened up the space.