Top 10 Reasons We Love SUMMER!

By the time I’d published my post for yesterday and put my computer up, I heard about the terrible tragedy that occurred Tuesday here at a Texas school. My heart is breaking for those parents, that school, those children, and the community. I’m joining so many of you in praying.

Please know this light-hearted post I planned for today about summer is really meaningless in the grand scheme of life. This post is just light, fluffy, and meant to bring a little smile to your day. I contemplated taking the rest of the week off, but decided we all might need a little extra light today.


We kicked off summer in our house this past Monday. Like many of you, I had lists of things for each kid to do when they got up to help them be productive on the first day of summer. I drove Britt to speech and by the time I returned those magical lists had already been completed. Please know I’m side eyeing that as I type. HOW’D they get all the items finished so quickly? I had the same question.

Bowen has had football camp, Ebby Lee’s had cheer camp, Nixon started swim team, and Britt’s had various appointments coupled with me trying to still get a typical week’s worth of work done and well you can imagine how things have been going. We’re still trying to figure out the magical sweetness that is SUMMER! However, I do have lots of reasons we’re summer fans whether we get all the kinks in our schedules worked out or not…

#1 LATE BEDTIMES-This is probably the best thing about summer…that lax routine. No hard structure on when they go to bed or even when they wake up. Sign us up.

#2 TAN LINES-Don’t we all look better with a little summer glow?

#3 LESS LAUNDRY-My crew ends up wearing a swimsuit most days. I’m HERE for the smaller laundry piles.

#4 POOL TIME-There’s not much better in the summer than the pool with friends and some good music.

#5 BIG BROTHER-I mean. C’mon, it’s not really summer without it. 😉

#6 LESS COOKING-I don’t know about you but in the summer I tend to cook way less. I can put burgers on plates and call that dinner. I can serve hot dogs with chips and call it dinner. I can make tacos {and I mean JUST tacos} and call it dinner. But fall, winter, and spring I’m serving multiple sides and most dinners are a bigger thing. Summer dinners are simple and easy.

#7 SUMMER VACATIONS-Our family loves seeing new places and new things as well as completely relaxing. Getting to get out of town for some days is always good for our crew.

#8 NEIGHBOR TIME-During the school year we’re so busy and so are our neighbors but the slower pace of summer days allow us to have extra time to really talk to our neighbors. We’re not off from one thing to the next like we typically are. I like the “catch up” time that happens while we’re out on a late evening walk or as kids are outside playing. Just this week I’ve gotten to chat with four different neighbors. And the chats were so good!

#9 SUMMER SMELLS-The summer smells of sunscreen, chlorine, fireworks, and the grill are some of my absolute favorite smells.

#10 LONGER DAYS-Considering everything I mentioned above getting to experience a little more of each day is a huge pro.

Okay, now I’m off to hit up the pool with the kids for the first time this summer!

What’s YOUR favorite thing about SUMMER?


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  1. 5.26.22
    Elspeth said:

    I love the idea of slowing down in the summer and enjoying calmer days.

  2. 5.26.22
    Rebecca Carney said:

    Thank you for sharing your light today! It was needed after such a difficult week. Praying along with you! Heartbroken teacher.
    I do hope you and your kiddo’s have the very Best summer!

    • 5.26.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Thanks, Rebecca!