The Solution to Our Summer Problem…

Happy 1st Day of June!

Friends, we’re barely into the first full week of summer and I’m already coming at you with a tip. I don’t know about you but I like to {on most days} feel put together but in something I’m not worried about sweating through in between drop offs and pick ups. The Texas summers often have me breaking out into a huge sweat just from my house to the air conditioned car. Yes, it’s THAT hot often throughout the summer. If I wear denim, it gets REAL hot REAL quick. Then I have thick material sticking to me and I feel like I need another shower. I’ve found my solution for the summer of 2023. It’s a way for me to look like I’ve gotten ready, but also down for an outdoor activity or walk should I feel like being active.

The solution to our sweaty summer problem….

A SKORT!!! You know I’ve been wearing these for the last couple years to outdoor sports and other summer activities. Just recently I saw one of my neighbors in the cutest skort, fun tank, and her hair fixed. I wasn’t sure if she was headed to the tennis courts or to a photo shoot. She looked DARLING! And was down for any heat wave headed her way. 😉

I have a few tips when ordering a skort…if it’s on the short side, then I’m sizing up to allow for a little more length. I do turn forty this year. 😉

I think if a skort is paired with a sleeveless polo it looks more elevated and put together than just any everyday tank. It was just this week when Tab saw me in an outfit similar to the one above and asked if I’d been to the driving range or the mall. #hahahaha

Add a visor/hat for those days you’ll be outside. We’ve gotta take that skincare seriously, ladies!

I’ve found that I like to stick with color options that can be worn with many other items in my closet…shorts to work out, another skort, denim, etc.

And just this weekend I paired Bowen’s team colors with my hat to look majorly like a baseball mom.

Here are some of my favorite places to find skorts…

*This spot has many options and colorways and all are very “mom appropriate”.

*This location has the more fun, bright colors with really great styles. I do recommend either sizing up or choosing the “long” length.

*This store has the skorts I get the most compliments on. They’re more original and aren’t going to be the ones you see everyone else wearing. I tend to wear my regular size in these and they’re also “mom approved”.

My skort I shared yesterday is on MAJOR sale {under $35!} and still in stock in so many sizes. I pair this black/grey camo with black, white, and any fun color. It fits well and is a great mom length. I’m wearing a small and it fits great.

If you’ve been on the fence, ladies! Now is the time to give it a try! I’m telling you-it’s the perfect summery, super versatile piece to add to your closet! You’re gonna love it! Add your personal flair to your look…more jewelry, fun sneakers, etc.

If YOU have a favorite skort in your closet, please share where you bought yours! Happy Thursday, Friends! Here’s to staying cool on this first day of June!


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  1. 6.1.23

    I love how a skirt dresses up an outfit! So cute and fun!

  2. 6.1.23
    Becky Przy said:

    Yes, I love a skort! I love the Brooklyn one from Athleta and get so many compliments. I teach preschool in a school that is not air conditioned and wear skorts non-stop (mom length). I agree with you, they are so versatile. It looks professional enough to teach in, but also casual enough to wear to a baseball game depending on how I style the outfit.
    LOVE the outfit you pulled together for Bowen’s game!

  3. 6.1.23

    So super cute, buuuuuut how fabulous does your house look in the background of that last photo?! Those chairs and that space make my heart extra happy!

  4. 6.1.23
    Carrie Jacobus said:

    Could you please share the link for the black or light blue tank. I like how they’re not as low cut as some. Thanks 🙂

  5. 6.1.23
    Jen said:

    I love my vuori Seabreeze skirt!

    • 6.1.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      I just ordered one, Jen! Thank you!

  6. 6.1.23
    Sheaffer said:

    CUTE! You are seriously cute in a tennis skirt.

  7. 6.5.23
    Paige Rodriguez said:

    May I have the link to the neon pink one you have on in the first pic? I LOVE it!!