What’s Up Wednesday-5.31.23

What’s Up Wednesday! I’m gonna link up with Sheaffer and Shay to answer a little about what’s going on around here.

What We’re Eating This Week

Monday-MEMORIAL DAY fare!

Tuesday-Chicken Lettuce Bowls…ground chicken, roasted cauliflower, edamame, carrots, rice, and sauces make this a delish and super easy meal!

Wednesday-Tonight we’re fried chicken sandwiches. It’s a new recipe. It might be too complicated but they looked delish! Tab and I will eat ours on salad/slaw and the kids will have buns. The verdict isn’t out quite yet on this recipe. #wishmeluck

Thursday-It’s mom’s baseball night out! But I grabbed the chicken fajita packs at our local grocery store that come seasoned and with veggies. Tab will either grill these or even cook them in a skillet on the stove.

Friday-Odds are we’ll be eating out! With summer temps, it’s easy to want to dine out more nights than in, but this weekend only one boy has a baseball tournament. WAHOO!! So I’m envisioning us grilling out at some point over the weekend…that is IF the baseball schedule allows.

What I’m Reminiscing About

A FUN framily pic from four years ago this past weekend…our town used to have a big bike race in downtown McKinney on Friday of Memorial Day weekend. We were eating dinner and catching a big of the race on this particular night.

What I’m Loving

This past weekend is always a fun one. It was the 20th Anniversary of the Wall Party in our neighborhood. I wasn’t exactly sure how it would work out this year because both of my boys had baseball tournaments. If you’re a sports mom, then you know you never know the schedule of games until a couple days before. I was a bit panicked we wouldn’t even make the party ourselves. But we did! With even a few hours to spare and shower. ha! The hostess group has grown each and every year and now we have ten families that come together to put this party on.

And the group with our spouses as well.

The weather was absolutely perfection and the night turned out to be a great one!

Two of my favorite ladies made it out to celebrate!

What We’ve Been Up To

SCHOOL’S OUT and baseball is still going! This past weekend Tab and I divided and conquered again. He headed with Nix while I hung with Bowen and my team snagged the CHAMPIONSHIP! {Unfortunately, Tab and Nixon’s team did not.}

Proud of this kid AND this team!!

It was a REALLY fun weekend!

And we attempted a Mom pic but it was a big fail since we were missing about four moms! We’ll be trying again!

What I’m Working On

Our summer schedule! All work from home moms probably get this! I’m attempting to make sure we make the camps, have all the fun, hit the pool, I work, kids make it to all the practices, I cook healthy meals, we make it to speech, and all the other things I didn’t mention. I have to REALLY schedule out when I need some help and be super strategic working at certain times.

What I’m Excited About

SUMMER!!!! I LOVE the laid back schedule and all the time we get to spend together!

What I’m Watching/Reading

Tab and I found ourselves at home on Sunday night with time to watch a movie so we watched Air. I must tell you the language is BAD! But the movie was REALLY great! And now I have to watch The Last Dance. It’s on my list next!

It’s ALMOST time for one of our favorite times of the year…the College World Series! We just were so into the SEC tournament! One evening Tab was out with the boys at baseball practice and when he got home I’d been watching it. I’d been texting with a friend about what had happened and well, he told me he’d never been more attracted to me. hahahaha! He’s creating a monster and I told him we need ESPN+ and the NFL Network STAT!

A friend told me to read, Hello Beautiful, so it’s next on my list!

What I’m Listening To

Have you listened to the latest episode of The Bestie Breakdown that was released Friday?! Shay and I are taking a little summer hiatus while the kids are at home. We’ll pick right up with part two of season four when we get the kids back to school in August. We are so thankful for all of you for listening and look forward to all the crazy chats part two will bring.

What I’m Wearing

A skort with a tank of some sort is my go-to these days. This skort is several years old but is still available in stores. I’m in my true size. And this top is several years old too but this is similar.

What I’m Doing This Weekend

More of this for the weekend! With hopefully a grill and a bit of pool time as well!

What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month

Tab’s company won an amazing getaway and WE GET TO TAKE THE TRIP! It’s a place I’ve never had on my bucket list but am excited to check out! Now that I’ve gotten the itinerary I’m wondering why it wasn’t on my bucket list before. It should be fun!

Thanks for reading today!


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  1. 5.31.23

    So many fun moments! Can’t wait to see where you head off to!!

  2. 5.31.23

    I need to watch Air ASAP! Also, I really miss the bike thing on our square. I wish they’d bring that back!

  3. 5.31.23
    Sheaffer said:

    Such a fun post! I love seeing what you’ve been up to. And I must say, I’m so impressed with how cute you look in your baseball pics!!! That’s hard to do after a day in the hot sun!

  4. 5.31.23
    Alisha said:

    I love your floral dress! Where is it from? Thanks!