Slaughters Sail to Alaska-Part 1

Hey Hey Hey Friends! We’re BACK from a 7-night Alaskan Cruise coupled with a little pre and post Seattle stay. I always get mixed responses on travel posts. Some of you love them and want to know all the nitty gritty details. Others want me to make one big long post and keep it moving. My blogger/travel agent self wants to break it down into like 7 really detailed daily posts but I’m going to compromise and keep it to 3, possibly 4. The people pleaser in me is trying to accommodate everyone. 🙂

Typically our family tries to leave early to mid-morning to get a vacation started as soon as possible but these flights and our schedules just worked better for us to leave Friday night. I must tell you-I loved it! I spent Friday morning finishing all the packing, getting life wrapped up, and we got to the airport in time for dinner before boarding.

It’s always a bit of rock, paper, scissors to see who sits beside who. On our flight to Seattle, I got lucky and had Nixon as me seat mate. {And by lucky I just mean that he never asked me to take him to the bathroom, hold his drink, help with his ipad, etc. hahaha!}

We arrived in town, headed straight to our hotel, and crashed!

Saturday I was a mama in my pajamas on a coffee mission. I was the first up and snuck out with my computer in tow to get in a little work as I sipped. Can you say delightful?

We grabbed breakfast in our hotel, slowly got ready and made our way to the market. The Gum Wall was a must.

And so were the donuts in the Market. ;). Sidenote-as we were standing right here we bumped into another family from McKinney that used to play baseball with Nixon. SMALL WORLD!

Tab, Bowen, and I were in this exact spot back in November for Bowen’s Birthday Trip.

We scanned the shops.

And checked out all the stands.

Especially all the fresh seafood!

Those Seattle views were absolutely gorgeous! And the weather was absolutely gorgeous! I heard right after we left a little heat wave arrived.

The FIRST Starbucks!

Before walking over to the Mariners’ game that afternoon, we stopped for a quick snack and people watched.

I grabbed tickets online a few weeks before our trip and was so glad I did. I know I’ve mentioned it once already but the weather was absolutely perfect which made the game even better.

Our seats were great and we all enjoyed the afternoon game.

We enjoyed snacks, family time, and baseball…all some of our favorite things! We walked back to the market, grabbed a delicious seafood dinner, and then made our way back to the hotel.

The next morning was BOARDING TIME!

To say we were excited about getting on the Norwegian Encore would have been an understatement. 😉

Can you tell?

With sunny skies in Seattle, we all boarded the ship in swimsuits knowing we’d take that afternoon to enjoy the pool and water slides.

Best decision ever! There’s something super exciting about boarding a ship knowing you’re off to set sail for the next week. Smiles all around for our family.

The parents were pretty pumped too!

We got all dressed up for our nightly entertainment show, The Beatles Invasion.

And then ended with a delicious dinner. Somehow this is the only picture I took at dinner. All in all, we went to bed that night with the biggest smiles on our faces and super pumped about our stop in Juneau the next day.


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