No Quitters Here

Happy, Happy Tuesday! Hope you guys had a great weekend!

I’m coming at you today with a big old motivational speech. Imagine all the energy of a Richard Simmons workout video but it’s me instead. That’s the energy I’m bringing. 🙂

I had the radio on last Friday, January 13th, and I heard them announce it was National Quitter’s Day. All those big New Year’s Resolutions seem to be old news by the second Friday of January so this date has now been designated National Quitter’s Day.

When I think back to New Year’s Resolutions I quit, my mind goes to celery juice. Do you remember the celery juice craze and all the benefits we’d reap if we just bought tons of celery each week, juice it every morning {and wake up your entire family in the process because this little machine is loud}, drink, and then clean that pesky machine . Sounds easy enough, right? Um. No. I think I made it to day thirteen when I decided the refrigerator space required to make this work was just unrealistic. I did develop a love for the actual celery juice by day thirteen though so there were some positives that came out of that. Just now I buy the actual juice from the store. See, no quitters here!

I’m totally speaking into the fitness resolutions because I feel like that is a popular one.

I’s January 17th. If you slept through your alarm or only made it to the gym once last week, this is a new week and there are still 49 weeks left in the year. You have lots of time to make your fitness more of a priority by 2024. Don’t quit now!

Here are a few things that help me get/stay motivated to workout…

  1. Do something you enjoy! If you enjoy running, run! If you love to swim, swim! If you enjoy yoga, yoga! ;). Got carried away but you get the point…choose workouts you’re excited about so you’ll keep going.
  2. I don’t workout everyday. I workout five days a week and have two days off. But I enjoy those days off and don’t have regrets. That’s what works best for me. If you’re new to the fitness game, start with three days a week. Make those three days a week a habit first.
  3. Plan, plan, plan! Most days I workout at 5:30 a.m. but sometimes it’s 8:30 and other times it’s 1:30. I make working out fit into my week just like lunch with a friend or a date night. Plan it out so you won’t get to bedtime and realize you ran out of time.

Let 2023 be the year you stick with those fitness goals! If you skipped some workouts last week, pick those back up this week. You’ve got this, friends! Because there are no quitters here! Let’s get moving!


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