Day in the Life-My Tuesday

I chuckled when I saw Shay’s blog post this week. Clearly blog readers enjoy a “Day in the Life” post because that was my most requested blog suggestion as well. What’s that saying about great minds, right? 😉

I’ve gotta add a few things before we dive into my Tuesday…

  1. I did a great job of taking pictures until about 4:30 p.m. So really this is a Day in My Life until 4:30 p.m.
  2. There are still crews of guys coming into our house to finish up all the details so periodically I was answering the door and showing people certain things…the back door, shelving, lighting, etc, but I couldn’t remember to take pics of all of that. And I’m trying to wait to show you another room when it’s all ready.
  3. After reviewing all the pictures I took, this post maybe should have been titled, What I was cooking/eating on Tuesday. #lotsoffoodpics

Here’s a little look at my Tuesday {yesterday}…

When I’ve got a lot of things to do, I often wake up earlier than my alarm which is what happened. I hopped right up to get started. {The alternative was to lay there and worry/fret about getting it all done. No thanks!}

Remember my talk about eczema? I got lots of messages about how gut health is related to eczema. Many of you suggested different things or supplements. Thank you for doing that! I ordered Athletic Greens and am two days into drinking a glass of water/scoop of greens every morning before I’ve even had coffee. I’ll keep you posted about if it helps with my eczema. I looked down at my hand yesterday and my finger was so dry and cut up that it was bleeding and blood was running down my hand. Ugh!

Right after my Athletic Greens, I made a cup of coffee. This Keurig is on it’s last leg. When we make a cup of coffee, water also shoots out into the pot-just a bit.

It was then time for coffee, my Bible, and Jesus.

Tab and I got in an early workout session at the gym.

When we got back, I showered quickly, started waking kids up, and got to cooking breakfast. This is gonna sound absolutely crazy but my old stove took a long time to cook anything {I didn’t even realize how slow it was}. And I asked for a small skillet for Christmas with egg-cooking in mind. It now takes me just a couple minutes to scramble an egg. Britt and Nixon both asked for eggs and they were ready in no time. I’m saying all this to tell you that if it’s taking you a long time to do this-you might want to try a new non-stick pan too or check your stove. :). I made two quick scrambled eggs for myself too!

On Sunday evening, I made several jars of overnight oats. I’d asked a friend for her recipe plus combined a few recipes I found online. And well friends, they turned out to be the most delicious thing! I used old fashioned oats, Two Good Greek yogurt, vanilla protein powder, unsweetened almond milk, and chia seeds. I mixed all that up and then topped it with blueberries. This little tiny serving was me having Ebby Lee just try it. She was a fan! I knew she would be!

I made coffee #2 and dropped the littles off at elementary school. Tab had meetings in the Dallas office all day so he was off early and got home around 6:45 p.m.

It was back home and time to get the dishes done before dropping off the bigs at middle school.

With so many people in our house throughout the day, I’ve been trying to get dinner mostly made before they arrive. I hate being in their way so this is working well. Last night it was lean ground beef with Rao’s for spaghetti night. The kids had protein pasta while Tab and I enjoyed ours atop spaghetti squash. We all enjoyed it with a side of green beans BUT I cooked the ground beef and basically had the sauce cooking on low all day. {Spoiler alert-it was delish!}

I added some make-up, fixed my hair, and threw on some clothes for the day. We’re still missing a mirror in our master bathroom so-I got ready right there in the front room mirror.

Nixon had a little something at school and let this picture show you he was NOT feeling taking a picture for his mother.

When I got back from middle school, there were people all over the first floor of the house so I grabbed my computer, some overnight oats with fruit, and made myself comfy on Nixon’s bed. It’s the spot in our house the furthest away from any noise so it’s my go to spot to get out of the way.

This was me…still hanging out in my son’s room pretending it’s an office with a comfy chair. ha! I had client phone calls, answered e-mails, booked trips, made payments, etc. Remember my post last week when I shared that I take a look at my kids’ after school activities and then decide if I can handle it all, decide if Tab can help, get a carpool, or find a driver to help? Well, yesterday was one of those-I’m gonna need help days. One of our favorite high school sitters picked the little two up from school and took them to speech while I finished up working.

I was grabbing the middle schoolers and a fellow baseball teammate of Nixon’s for a baseball workout. {I dropped Ebby Lee off with the littles before taking them} I was in charge of driving the carpool yesterday and my friend is taking them later this week. {SO thankful for fellow moms who can carpool!}. Knowing that these two boys were going straight from school to an hour long workout, I stopped to grab them a little snack to eat on the way.

And I packed everything I needed to work in a quiet car for a solid hour while they worked out. WIN-WIN! {Can you guess which of my kids changed my background for me?}

*This is where the evening got crazy. Ebby Lee had a cheer thing to get to. Tab’s last meeting ran late and then he got stuck in traffic. So I popped into the house to get the rest of our fancy spaghetti dinner going, in between grabbing EL and doing homework with Britt. Tab made it in right as we were about to sit down for dinner. One of those good nights where all six faces are around our dinner table. We ended the night with early bedtimes for all of us because the Tuesday that felt like a Monday-kind of did us all in.

Thanks for reading today, friends!


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