My Wish for Today

I’m hoping all my winter snow day dreams are coming true!!

{I must add I have some clients in Arkansas flying to Walt Disney World today and while I’m wishing for a winter wonderland for Texas, I’m hoping Arkansas doesn’t get a thing!}
I’m typing this in the afternoon on Wednesday.  Right now the forecast looks like we could wake up to some yucky winter weather.  Crossing my fingers that doesn’t change and we get our first snow day in YEARS!  The year before we moved into this neighborhood it snowed in Texas.  Enough snow in fact, we could SLED!  I remember us driving by this neighborhood and seeing the PERFECT hill for snow days.  We bought our house that summer and it hasn’t snowed since.  I’m holding out hope it happens soon so we can enjoy that hill covered in snow!

Growing up in Missouri and in the country at that, snow days were much more common.  I remember one year having many, many days we were stuck in the house because it had snowed so much.  That got me thinking about what we had at our house as “Snow Day Essentials” and whether I meant to or not, I found myself making sure we had many of those things at our house just in case my snow day wish comes true.

All the ingredients for soup is a MUST!  I made a chicken noodle soup last night and have everything I need to make chicken tortilla tonight.  Bread and milk both were restocked in my grocery pick up order yesterday.  And I have a brand new game I meant to get out over Christmas break but it didn’t happen.  Games and movies just scream, “SNOW DAY!”

I’m signing off a bit quickly today!  Hoping this isn’t how I’m seeing a wintery mix!

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  Funny because it’s so true!

**Edited at 9:45 p.m. right before bed…my wish isn’t looking good.  Our chance of anything looks like it’s gone WAY down!  Boo!**

Whether it’s snowy or not in your area today, I hope you make this Thursday a great one!  

**Edited at 5:53 a.m. and just got the call-NO SCHOOL!**

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  1. 2.11.21
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    What a cute fun post! Here’s to hoping you get some snow!

  2. 2.11.21
    Julie C. said:

    It is FREEZING here in the midwest!!!! We're talking below zero temps 🙁 Plus we keep getting snow about every other day or so…just a few inches, but enough to be annoying. HAHAHA!!! This weekend is going to get even worse. I believe our weather guy is saying like -30 temps. BRRRRRR!!!!! I'd give anything to be in Texas right now…even with your cold weather you're having.

  3. 2.11.21
    Kristen said:

    Yayyyyy for a Snow Day! Now the best are when you know the night before so you can turn off that alarm but waking up to one is amazing too! Have so much fun!!!!

  4. 2.11.21
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    I mean NO SCHOOL!!!! WooHOo! But I'm kind of scratching my head! It's soooo dry outside! Oh well, we won't be sledding, but we'll be all cozy inside!

  5. 2.11.21
    Kristen L. said:

    Come here to Boston.. we have snow all the time! It must be strange to live in a state that doesn't normally have snow days and sledding!!?? I would love to swap for a couple months with you and have some warm winter weather!!!

  6. 2.11.21
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    You and I are not on the same page today. Bahahaha!

  7. 2.11.21
    Unknown said:

    So exciting!! I hope you actually get some snow to play in! I live on the seacoast of NH and we get snow throughout the winter and my kids LOVE a good snow day. We ski, sled and skate and play hockey on local ponds all winter long. I grew up in the midwest and not having snow would be SO weird. Some of the best memories are made on snow days! It's so interesting to see how people in the south react to snow. I've never lived anywhere there isn't snow so I find it interesting how other people view it.Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your day!

  8. 2.11.21
    keltic said:

    Ha! The emotional rollercoaster I just went on reading your post…WILL SHE GET HER SNOW DAY?!? Then the edit…then a new edit…ahhh! 🙂 Enjoy the snow day! (Writing from Illinois where it is so cold. So snowy. So WINTER.)

  9. 2.11.21
    Ashley Byars said:

    Enjoy!!! Snow days are the BEST!! Unfortunately, our district has made these kids work remotely on all 3 of our “snow days” this week. Even when the colleges are closed for weather. Boo! Every kid deserves a good ole fashioned snow day.

  10. 2.11.21
    TorontoSAM said:

    You guys are so cute 🙂
    I grew up in a rural town so we often had snow days, now that we live in the city, where most people do not take the bus, then snow days are extremely rare. I remember listening to the radio on those snowy mornings just waiting for them to name our school district.

  11. 2.11.21
    Taylor said:

    Shut the box is such a good game!! My family plays it all the time – it's great for all ages. Hope you got to enjoy it on your cozy day inside!

  12. 2.19.21
    Kristy said:

    this post didn't age well