Let’s Look-Love Languages

It has gotten COLD in North Texas!  And when I say COLD, I know some of my northern friends are giving me an eye roll right now, but you guys, for North Texas this is SO COLD!  If you followed along on my IG Stories yesterday, thanks for joining me!  I love getting messages from you guys so yesterday made me happy!

Today, is Let’s Look with my bestie, Shay, and we’re talking about LOVE LANGUAGES!

 In 1992, Gary Chapman wrote a book called, “The Five Love Languages”, where he shared five different ways people give and receive love.  The languages are…

Quality Time
Gift Giving
Acts of Service
Physical Touch
Words of Affirmation

Years ago when we had two small babies, Tab and I did a Wednesday night study on love languages.  That class was more centered around our children who at the time were so little we had no clue exactly what their love languages would be.  But the class got Tab and I talking a lot about the ways we preferred to give/receive love.  This was so helpful because through it I learned many of the things I was doing thinking I was showing Tab love didn’t really mean THAT much to him.  And the same was true for how he was showing me love.  Basically, we tend to give love the way we prefer receiving it and in our marriage that wasn’t exactly the best way to show each other love.

I REALLY recommend you reading the book, The Five Love Languages, if you haven’t!

You can probably tell which is your love language just based on the names but there is a really short quiz online you can take right here.

When we were going through that class, one hundred percent my love language was gift-giving.  Tab and I were on such a strict budget that anything he gifted me was THE biggest way to my heart.  

Here’s a little true life story for you…
The first year Tab and I were married every single time there was some sort of holiday or special event where really a gift from him was expected…think my birthday, Valentine’s Day, our Anniversary, etc…he showed up with a bouquet of flowers.  The first time he gifted them I thought they were sweet but by the fourth time my newlywed-self was a sobbing mess that he wasn’t putting just a little more thought into a gift for his bride.  To Tab, it was just a gift and his body is not wired for gifts to mean that much, but to me a gift was something he had to really spend time thinking about, make time to purchase said gift, and save money somewhere else in the budget to make it happen.  It took a few years but we finally discovered ways to show each other how much we care not without using our own love language.  See the difference and how really figuring out those love languages can help?

Slowly over time things have shifted {probably because my responsibilities and children mulitplied} but I took the quiz yesterday and here are my results…

Acts of Service 30%
Words of Affirmation 27%
Gift Giving 20%
Quality Time 20%
Physical Touch 3%

Tab’s numbers look more like…
Acts of Service 0%
Words of Affirmation 0%
Gift Giving 0%
Quality Time 0%
Physical Touch 100%


He didn’t really take the test for me yesterday but his love language has and probably always will be physical touch.  See how far off our numbers can be?!  Knowing that makes us be more intentional with how we show love to each other.

Since February is ALL ABOUT LOVE, this would be a perfect time to sit down with your spouse, take the quiz, and then discuss the results!

There is a children’s quiz as well if you click on ages 9-12.  I definitely think Bowen could handle the quiz so maybe your 7 or 8-year-old could as well.  If I was guessing this is what I’d guess for my kids…

Ebby Lee-Words of Affirmation

Nixon-Quality Time

Bowen-Gift Giving with Physical Touch as a close second

Britt-Quality Time

I’m gonna quiz all three of the big kids though to see how close I am…stay tuned!

This was such a FUN TOPIC, but now it’s your turn!  What’s YOUR love language?!  I’d love to hear!  Next month we’re sharing our PERFECT NIGHT IN!  Looking forward to that already but one little thing to note-instead of sharing the second Wednesday of March we’re gonna bump it to the third.

Thanks so much for joining me today!  Hope to see you tomorrow!


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  1. 2.10.21
    Jennifer White said:

    I was 3% physical touch too! haha My love language is definitely Acts of Service.

  2. 2.10.21
    Klm513 said:

    This was so fun!! My quiz came out exactly like yours and it cracked me up!! Do all the things for me please, but don’t touch me πŸ˜‚ that’s mom life I suppose!

  3. 2.10.21
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    I'm acts of service ALL DAY LONG!!!!!

  4. 2.10.21
    Maggie Eterno said:

    My husband is the same, ha!!

  5. 2.10.21
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    What a fun idea!!! I’m going to do the quiz now! Thanks so much for this Erika!!!

  6. 2.10.21
    Julie Bradford said:

    I lol'ed at 100% physical touch for Tab!!! bahahahah
    we did this about 12 years ago and I still have the book.. I think I will go home and quiz the hubby and the kiddos.. even though I think I know what theirs are I want to see…. it will be something fun to do tonight! hope your week is a little slower than last week!

  7. 2.10.21
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    You are a super thoughtful gift-giver too!! You really shine in that department and are always super thoughtful!

  8. 2.10.21
    Kelly Henderson said:

    Acts of Service 35% followed closely by Quality Time 32%. My hubs is a wonderful man but gift giving is not his thing, never has been and never will be. It's a good thing it's not a big deal to me but has been known to hurt my feelings.

  9. 2.11.21
    Jen said:

    Thanks for sharing – I am always interested in hearing the results of others. My results are very similar to yours! Acts of Service is always #1 for me – I love receiving acts of service, and giving them to my husband and kids. I get frustrated when I do so many things for my family and they don't recognize it. But then I remember their love languages are different than mine! My husband is almost 100% physical touch also, haha! It's something I definitely need to work on for him. But after having kids, especially when they were younger, sometimes it's like I don't want any more touching, ya know?!?!?