Guest Bathroom Update

I’m back with another room reveal for you! This little bathroom was our guest bathroom and still is but we’ve deemed this Ebby Lee’s bathroom. We kept her in mind {because we don’t have guests THAT often} when we were choosing the design and style for this space.

I couldn’t find a great picture I’d taken so I found the pics the previous owners used to list it. And other than the decor we hadn’t really changed anything in this bathroom.

That was IT!

Sherry {Shay’s mom} helped find THE perfect teen girl wallpaper and accessories. We LOVE the way it turned out!

What do you think? I need to have the wallpaper guy come back out to tweak some things. I know he needs to cover the light fixtures. Some of you designer ladies are cringing. ha!

We found this fun pink and gold tiger wallpaper. Then we added fun black and white tile to liven up the tiny room.

We topped it all off with gold hardware.

REAL LIFE pic :). We found all the tile at Floor & Decor.

A close up of the fun wallpaper. 🙂

And a quick snap of the new light fixture.

It was absolutely amazing to me the transformation…from a very purple bathroom to a perfect space for a teen girl.

Thanks so much for popping in today, friends! Hope you have a great Wednesday!


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