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Thanks so much for being so patient. You’d think the fall would be my most busy time with football/cheer/baseball all happening and a husband who’s out of town, but we’d all be wrong! ha!

I didn’t have as much time to get in shows or books in February-thanks to that pesky virus I had back in January, but I do have a few to share with you!

First things first, Ebby Lee and I have been watching Farmer Wants a Wife. I’ve NEVER watched this show any other season but fun fact…the guy on the far right in that pic is from Sikeston, Missouri, which happens to also be the hometown of Lambert’s Cafe {you know home of the throwed rolls}. Needless to say, I decided we needed to watch when I heard that detail. It’s an interesting concept, very Bachelor-ish except each farmer chooses five girls to take back to their own farms after the first week. We’re watching each farmer in their own element {or own farm} date four to five different women. I think they’re supposed to be eliminating girls weekly but often times they decide to let them all stay, which means they’ll go from five to one in one episode or that this show might just go on for MONTHS! We watch it recorded so one episode takes us maybe thirty-ish minutes to complete. It’s good for some teen/mom weekly bonding! We look forward to it!

I shared this as a Friday Favorite earlier in the month. Love is Blind Season 6 was recently released and I was here for it. The whole concept of girls/guys dating without seeing each other, proposing, and then meeting to see if it’s gonna work is possibly the modern day version of Love Connection? Do you remember that show? I LOVED it! Chuck Woolery seemed to ask every question I was thinking! This one is rated R for language and what they discuss, but is a show I’ll have on in the background while I’m working. I miss a lot and let me tell you, I know exactly what’s going on when I pick it back up.

The True Love Experiment-The Hency Family Girls’ Book Club read this love story this month. While chick lit books aren’t my typical go-to, it was a cute read. It had a sort of Bachelor/game show piece to the love story which made it even more interesting. There were some sex scenes in this one that made me BLUSH thinking about my mom/aunt reading so you’ve been warned on that. Overall, a cute, girly read if you’re into those. February was a great month for a love story!

The Frozen River-My goodness! I don’t even have enough space to say all the great things I’d like to say for this one. This book is set in the 1700’s and begins with the midwife/healer of the town going to examine a dead body to determine the cause of death. The story unfolds with many different theories, characters, and reasons many people in this town would have wanted the man dead. I loved EVERYTHING about this book. While “thrillers” are my typical favorite because I don’t like to know how a book will end when I first pick it up {I’m looking at you, Hallmarkish books}, this hearty fiction book was absolutely amazing! We’re only on month two, but hands down the best book I’ve read all year. ha! Read this one ASAP!

The Heiress-I’d heard such amazing things about this one from friends, thought the cover was super cute, and couldn’t wait to dive into my first thriller of the year. This one holds old money, adoption, kidnapping, shocking twists and turns and was unlike any other thriller I’d ever read. I know I’m like a broken record when I say I REALLY don’t enjoy reading books where I can tell early on how it will end. This one kept me guessing to the very end. I was a fan!

Okay, now I’m off to get the kitchen cleaned and closed for the night and to read!


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  1. 3.5.24
    Elspeth said:

    Iā€™m always on the hunt for new books to read! Thanks for the recommendations!

    • 3.5.24
      Erika Slaughter said:


  2. 3.5.24

    I am super intrigued about that farmer show šŸ™‚ .

    • 3.5.24
      Erika Slaughter said:

      We are IN!

  3. 3.5.24
    Amanda said:

    Thanks to you I just started watching Love is Blind and am hooked after 2 episodes!!! Can’t wait to watch it play out!! I also loved The Heiress and am just now starting The Frozen River!! šŸ™‚ Love these posts!!

    • 3.5.24
      Erika Slaughter said:

      It’s SO good, Amanda!!

  4. 3.5.24
    GiGi said:

    Awhhh, I loved Love Connection too! Used to watch it with my daddy, believe it or not!?! Sweet memories.

    • 3.6.24
      Erika Slaughter said:

      I watched it with my mom but SAME!