Getting Christmas Ready on Thanksgiving Eve

Hey Friends!

We had to PIVOT a bit with our travel plans this week. Tab was flying in from his football game early on Monday morning but Sunday night he could see that it was already delayed two hours. We were supposed to drive to Missouri after Tab got home so we quickly pivoted and he flew into Little Rock instead. The kids and I left early on Monday morning to snag him from the Little Rock airport on our way. We pulled in, I called Tab, and he walked out five minutes later. ALL THE PRAISE HANDS! Other than the rain that had me white knuckling that steering wheel a few times, it couldn’t have been more perfect! We got to my moms by 3:00 and have been enjoying all the family time since!

This week my plan is to get us Christmas ready. And please note…I’m not talking about planning a budget, deciding on how much you’re spending on each person, spending time this season getting your heart ready, reading the Christmas story with your kids, serving others, giving to those in need, etc. All those things are SUPER important! And honestly WAY more important than anything I’m sharing today. My reminders today are just those added fluff things for the season. Items on sale, things I’ve purchased or am purchasing for my family, gift guides, etc. Those things that aren’t necessities AT ALL! These are things I like to add to make the season just a little more fun…but they’re just that, things to make the holiday more festive. With the extra time this week it’s a good time for me to make sure we’re ready for the season! So I’m sharing a big round-up of random things. {Typical for Erika ;)}

Advent Calendars:

I started this tradition years ago when my kids were little and when I started Ebby Lee would get this one…{the updated one each year}

A Lego Friends Advent Calendar…the scene they eventually create after the full twenty-four days is wintery so it was the perfect little addition to our Christmas decor. And Nix would receive…

a Harry Potter themed Christmas Countdown {or Star Wars or Marvel or just whatever theme they had he was a little more into that year}.

Now the tradition has morphed into one of Ebby Lee’s FAVORITE traditions while I’m basically giving Nixon candy everyday. The teen girl advent calendar options are WAY better than teen boy options so instead I just snag a candy themed calendar for Nixon. Here are some options I considered this year…

Checking My Lists:

Oh my goodness! THE SALES ARE HAPPENING NOW! One of my FAVORITE Thanksgiving traditions used to be flipping through the sale ads in the Thanksgiving paper to decide where we’d do some early morning Black Friday shopping. Well, that doesn’t happen anymore but I’m CERTAIN {girl math, just ask Tab} I’m saving way more money by being able to shop so many different stores right from my couch. 😉

My suggestion for the next couple days is not only to see what’s on big sale for your family but also think about those girlfriend gifts you need, neighbor gifts, teacher gifts, etc. I was able to snag my girlfriend gifts at a major discount yesterday. So NOW IS THE TIME, friends!

Here are a few things I’ve shared or am shopping for myself for gifts…

Bowen always has jerseys on his list and this year his picks have been sold out for weeks. I was talking to my sister-in-law about it and she told me she’d been checking daily for the last two weeks to finally find her son’s size. I looked as we were chatting and Bowen’s size was available! If your kiddo is asking for a sold out jersey, keep checking! There is hope! I’d suggest checking this website and this website. Last night I saved $20 when I ordered because one was having a sale while the other was full price! They also both have tons of fan gear…shirts, hoodies, hats, etc. Typically both sites have great sales and they’re both reputable companies. I’ve been known to get spammed on some sketchy jerseys so hope that helps you!

I’ve seen so many dupes for this exact outfit because let me tell you-she’s pricey. I’ve even tried some dupes myself because I just keep hearing how great and comfy this travel outfit is. It comes in many different colors but I haven’t been able to pull the purchase trigger because-she’s pricey. BUT there’s a little sale going on now so I have my fingers crossed my personal Santa reads this post {Ebby Lee is gonna send it to him} and has one of these sets under the tree for me. I love the wide leg pants and the neck on the sweatshirt. Again, it comes in many colors. If you’re looking for a splurge gift for a family member who’s hard to shop for, this might just be it!

Walmart Black Friday deals start later today! I have two pairs of headphones I’m searching for this year so I’ll be hitting up this sale!

Target Black Friday deals are already live! Think electronics, toys, bikes, etc!


I love snagging everyone a new pair of Christmas-y pajamas. We don’t match {because how embarrassing would that be-I hope you read that like one of my kids would say it-ha!} but we all get a little extra festive. And by we, I mean all five of us, Tab doesn’t enjoy a Christmas themed pajama.

JCrew always has the best pajamas. They make the perfect gift for someone else OR for yourself…I just snagged this pair for ME!

My big kids both got a pair of pj pants from Abercrombie which is having a 25% off everything sale right now!

For some reasons the pics are saving as a file that won’t upload on my blog. SORRY!!

Christmas Study:

The past three years I’ve done the Advent Lifeway study and I absolutely have loved it each and every year! HIGHLY recommend! If you’re looking for a study that really dives into the Christmas season, this is the one! This year I’m in the middle of a Bible Study with some other moms and we’re supposed to finish right before Christmas but otherwise, I’d be doing this!

Gift Guides:

I had big plans of adding a few more things to create more gift guides BUT it didn’t happen! So I’m resharing these…you can click directly on the image to go to that item. Might take it an extra minute to load. 😉

And these personalized gifts can {mostly} still be ordered in time for Christmas…

#1-Personalized Name Tag-Stanley cups are still all the rage in our house and one easy, simple way to add something a little “extra” is to buy these personalized name tags for your cups. They’d make the perfect little stocking stuffer. You could add it to a brand new Stanley. Or this little name tag would be cute with a Stanley as well as a little gift card for a Starbucks or Sonic drink.

#2 Personalized Cutting Board-How CUTE is this cutting board with a recipe in Grandma’s {or Mom’s or Aunt’s or whoever} handwriting?! When we have a family gift exchange, I often try to think of gifts like this that would be absolutely special for anyone in our family. If you have a gift exchange, consider this cutting board!

#3 Personalized Watercolor-Another personalized gift everyone will be fighting for this Christmas? A watercolor of Grandma’s house or even your childhood home! If you aren’t into a full blown watercolor, then check out these ornaments. They’re the same idea, but you’d hang it on your tree every year.

#4 Personalized Charger-If your house is like mine, I-Phone chargers get up and walk away. I’m certain they head wherever half of our socks have gone. My grand plan this year is to get everyone a charger with their name on it. I’ve got a good feeling everyone will be a little more responsible with their chargers if they’re customized.

#5 Personalized Bag-These personalized bags can be used for almost anything…make-up, chargers, skincare, school supplies and the list goes on. There are some brands that are way more expensive but this is such a great price point for a customized gift.

#6 Personalized Necklace-These necklaces are adorable. They’ve added many other color options since they first were released and would make a great gift! One of my friends has her first name and another has her last name. No matter what you get…her grandma name, her family name, her husband’s name…it’s sure to be a hit!

#7 Personalized Necklace-I know. I know. I’m sharing two necklaces back to back but this option is completely different. I have this option with E, N, B, and B for my kids’ initials. You could do the same thing for grandchildren, spouse initials, etc. The options are pretty endless! {In the pic above, the turquoise name necklace is #6. and the initial letters are this one.}

#8 Personalized Toiletry Bag-These bags are a great gift and you can add some travel size toiletries or a gift card to purchase those as well. Easy peasy but since it’s customized it looks extra special.

#9 Personalized Pet Mugs-I know many of you have a pet you love like a child. If so, YOU need one of these mugs yourself! But they’d also make the perfect gift for any pet-loving friend.

#10 Personalized Air Pod Case-One of the people on my list JUST asked for Air Pods. I’m ordering a personalized case to add with the gift! She’ll never see it coming. 😉

One more thing…my sister-in-law gave me this idea last night for everyone on your list with a cell phone. This portable phone charger is on MAJOR sale AND it comes in many colors. You could snag one for each teen in your house and put those right in the stockings!

I take it back…one MORE thing…If you’ve been contemplating hopping on the loafer train, these are on sale right now!

Okay, friends! Now I’m off to hang with the family! We have fun plans to see my other grandparents today and a date night scheduled with my brother and sister-in-law! Wish me luck…I’m making a chocolate pie I’ve never made before and the recipe called for pots/pans I’d never even heard of. Basically I’m gonna need the luck!

Hope you guys have THE BEST DAY tomorrow! I have lots to be thankful for this year and you guys are high up on my list!

See you back here on Friday with a list of faves!


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  1. 11.22.23
    Elspeth said:

    So many great deals and ideas! I love the personalization gifts!
    Have a happy thanksgiving!

  2. 11.22.23
    Nina R Cox said:

    I love your blogs and how down to earth you are. I also admire and appreciate that you are a Christ follower. Have a blessed Thanksgiving with family.

  3. 11.23.23
    Abby said:

    Great gift ideas! I just purchased several personalized things from your list for my daughter and niece! Happy Thanksgiving!