Friday Favorites-IT’S SUMMER!

This edition of Friday Favorites has to be called, “IT’S SUMMER”!!! Yes, friends. We made it! This afternoon all four Slaughter kids will be on summer break. And dare I say we’re just a tad bit excited about that? Andrea and I are sharing some Friday Favorites and like each Friday we’d love for you to join us!

First FAVORITE is this girl and her kickoff to summer break! Britt is READY for all her people to be home during the day. She does have some big plans…tennis camp, volleyball camp, and cheer camp are all in her summer future.


Last year was the first year the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament got moved from Dallas to our very own McKinney, Texas. And let me tell you-it’s FUN having this tournament in our own town. Tab went everyday but Saturday for work and some pleasure. I {along with some friends} joined him on Friday for a little day of fun at the Byron.

This cracks me up because it’s as if none of us really know what to do at a photo booth after the typical smiling picture #1. hahaha!

Having a little day date with friends was definitely a FAVORITE!

After a Saturday of baseball, I added extra deodorant, perfume, and make-up before we jetted over to Jeni’s house for her party. Jeni’s house backs up the golf course where the tournament is held and this was her second year to throw an amazing party. Let me tell you a little secret-those Mourton’s know how to throw a party.

And then on Sunday my three boys went out to watch Dallas’ own, Jordan Spieth.


My FAVORITE #15 completed his spring season of football with a whole new group of friends. It was like a friend of a friend kind of thing that got Bowen on the team and it was a fun way to spend our Friday nights. Plus if you know Bowen, he’s always happy to make some new friends.


One of our very FAVORITE girls is graduating next weekend so we loaded up with the Shull girls to attend her graduation party. Landri is the absolute sweetest and Britty just loves her! {As do the rest of us!}


Can you spot Nixon in the back row, second from left standing? Nixon did percussion this school year and really learned it wasn’t his thing. At his last band concert, I found myself smiling extra big because he tried something new, dove in to learn it wasn’t his thing, and finished the year strong. FAVORITE! That’s how we truly discover all our hobbies/interests, right? Just proud of him for giving it a go and then for making sure all his paperwork was turned in early to not sign up for band next year. hahaha!


A little summer housekeeping…starting next week I’m kicking off my Summer Blog Schedule! In the summer with all four kids at home, in order to keep my sanity I cut back a bit on my blogging days. So, you’ll be able to find me here every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday! I have some fun plans for Instagram over the summer and hope you’ll join me there as well!


That’s all I have from my week! Hope you have the VERY BEST WEEKEND! See you back here on Wednesday!


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  1. 5.20.22
    Elspeth said:

    Happy summer vacation!!!

  2. 5.20.22

    We have had so much to celebrate!!

  3. 5.20.22
    Joanne said:

    Yay for the start of summer! I hope you and your family have a wonderful, relaxing break.