Do You Need a Little Organization?

Who am I kidding? I TOTALLY do right now! Bahahahaha!

While I can’t exactly get my house organized at the moment, I’m clearly dreaming of the future days when I can. Growing up with a mom who was a teacher we always did our “Spring Cleaning” in the summer. We’d organize drawers, go through closets, and deep clean all the things. Maybe that’s why I’ve got my thoughts on organization or maybe it’s because our house is crazy unorganized at the moment. Either way, if you need a little organization help, I’ve got a great round up for you…

Necklace holder | Headband holder | Bracelet/scrunchie holder | Hat hanger | Shoe space savers | Ring holder | T-Bar organizer | Nail polish tray | Sunglass Traveling case

From scrunchies to sunglasses, if you have some accessories that need some organization some item above might help.

Happy Organizing, Friends!


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  1. 5.19.22
    Elspeth said:

    I love the nail polish/make up organization tool! So helpful!

  2. 5.19.22

    This post makes me want to clean out my closet!!

  3. 5.20.22
    Sheaffer said:

    Ooooooooooooh! Great finds!