Friday Favorites-4.29.22

Three cheers for FRIDAY!! Are you guys counting down until your summer break? My people sure are and we have only FIFTEEN more days of school until it’s officially SUMMER in our house. Fifteen sounds like nothing, doesn’t it? Andrea and I are sharing some FRIDAY FAVORITES and as always we’d love for you to join us!

First up is a May FAVORITE! Shay and I have hosted a photo a day challenge for the last few years over on Instagram. Each day has a prompt and you just share a picture using that prompt with the #photoadaywitherikaandshay so we can all see your pics. It’s fun, a great kickoff to summer, and if you’re like me and tend to get so overwhelmed on what to post that you end up not posting anything at all, this challenge helps by telling us exactly what to share. We’d love for you to join us. The challenge starts Sunday!


This girly has a FAVORITE activity going on this week…SWIM LESSONS! The fact that she’s shifted from being scared or nervous about swim lessons to absolutely excited tells me this might be our last year. Swimming has finally clicked and now this girly is one confident little swimmer. She’s been seeing our FAVORITE swim teacher this week and her first day in the water Mrs. Sally said, “Oh, look who’s so brave now. You used to be Miss Drama during swim lessons”. Yep, that about sums up how her performance has been in the past but this year she hopped right in, volunteered to go first, and hasn’t looked back.

And just for fun, same driveway but what a difference a few years can make. Also, look how much she’s grown!


I shared this new FAVORITE dress in my post yesterday and got lots of sweet feedback. I purchased it because I envisioned it with cowboy boots at a rodeo, but when the trip got cancelled I decided I liked it enough to make it a spring dress as well. There are some blues in the flowers so I paired mine with wedges from last summer. The dress is super versatile and I can even see myself pairing it with cute sneakers in the fall as well as booties.


Did you see my stories on Wednesday where I talked about Britt’s field trip? Her TK class has been talking about helping others and how some families don’t have food at home since Thanksgiving. They’ve collected money all year long to go towards this project as well. The teachers reached out to a local food bank and got a list of items they’re in need of. During class the kids all wrote down these seven things like jelly, cereal, crackers, etc. So when we arrived at the grocery store each kid was given their grocery list {in their own handwriting} and we also each received an envelope with our grocery money. Then we hit the aisles to get our goods. I had Britt pay herself…she was so proud to do this all by herself. And then the class met up at the local food pantry where we got a little tour and then stocked the shelfs with our items. Such a cool idea. I’ve gotten to experience lots of field trips and this was a really great one!

Such a great way to incorporate community service into the classroom. And as a mom it was fun to get to meet and see all of her school friends.


I’ve been reading Anything by Jennie Allen and am really enjoying it. My FAVORITE thing is she’s constantly reminding us how truly following Jesus means leaving our old life behind and going anywhere He leads. Just great reminders throughout the book coupled with some of her personal stories.


Okay, friends! Hope you enjoy your weekend! I’ll be back here with you next week!


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  1. 4.29.22
    Joanne said:

    That is such a wonderful community service idea; and one that will stick with those kids for years and years too!

  2. 4.29.22
    Sheaffer said:

    That school service project is sooooo sweet, and Britt with her hands on her hips is ALWAYS my favorite.

  3. 4.29.22
    Toni :0) said:

    That dress is so pretty on you but not only that, you have amazing legs that I’m super jealous of LOL. Have a fabulous weekend!!

  4. 4.29.22

    Look at Britty at swim lessons! Oh my word! This girl has GROWN in every possible way!

  5. 4.29.22
    Alyssa said:

    Britt posing in the orange suit is everything!!

  6. 4.29.22
    Yolanda McLean said:

    I’m so bummed that your photo challenge is at the same time as Laura Tremain’s #onedaymay I enjoyed your photo challenge last year. I hope you’ll do another one this year.

  7. 4.30.22
    Elspeth said:

    Such a fun wrap up for the week! Have a great weekend!