The EASIEST Balloon Garland

Are you shocked by that title? I know. I know. Balloon arches definitely don’t appear to be an easy craft to whip up, but I recently learned a quick way to produce one. Now there’s no turning back! Seriously, you guys! The hardest part was just taking the time to blow up all the balloons. I recommend Netflix, an electric balloon pump, and a thumb helper. {My thumbs were THROBBING the last time I made one.}. Let’s get right to it.

You simply fed the balloon ties through the strip to hold them in place. I found the process to be easy until I tried to get it to stay on the mantle. THAT was the struggle. Balloons fell out of the strip while others were popping. And WHY are the balloons that pop always the balloons that hold all the tiny confetti? Things got a little dicey there for a minute.

Recently I volunteered at our local elementary school to get things ready for the Spring Carnival. A fellow PTO mom showed up with a quick tip about balloon arches in her back pocket….literally! She recommended using a yarn needle and yarn to string the balloon ties together to form a balloon garland/arch. Another mom and I began stringing and we were making major headway quickly with this balloon tip! So, when we began baby shower planning I volunteered to make the balloon garland knowing I’d use this yarn tip.

The longest part of the process is simply blowing up your balloons. Again, I definitely recommend this pump. After blowing all the balloons up, I strung the ties together on a long piece of yarn to create the garland. I was able to maneuver it because it was all on the yarn so no balloons fell off. It was really easy to squish it into my car, pull it out at the shower and hang it on the mantle.

This was me on the drive. 🙂

And check out the finished product! There are tons of kits online that will come with a variety of balloons in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Rookie mistake-but on my next one I’ll add a few mylar balloons with glue dots to hide any spaces I missed.

This has nothing to do with the balloons but another hostess made these charcuteries in a cup. They had chocolate covered almonds, olives, meats, cheese, and crackers inside and just made the cutest little shower snack. If you’re hosting a shower, graduation party, even a birthday party, they’re a cute idea!

I cannot wait to hold those sweet baby girls! Ebby Lee and I are already adding, “Hold the babies”, on our summer calendar. We are PUMPED! Mackenzie has been in our lives since she was in the 8th grade. She came years ago to babysit Baby Ebby Lee and now the roles are starting to reverse. She’s having her own twin girls, Tab and I are already begging Mackenzie and her hubby to go out of town and leave the girls with us, and my kids are ecstatic about getting to watch them one day. Do you remember my kids all four being in a wedding? {My dress above is this one.}

It was Mackenzie and Patrick’s wedding! Anyway, here we are now. I have big kids and they’re about to be the parents to twin girls. Time is flying!

My Tips for the Easiest Balloon Garland:

  1. Get an electric pump, yarn needle, yarn, and a variety of balloons of different colors/sizes {I think the easiest way for this to happen is a balloon kit-my kit above is this one.}
  2. Blow all the balloons up.
  3. Thread your yarn through the end of each balloon tie selecting a variety of sizes and colors along the way.
  4. IF you’d like to take it another step, you can add a few mylar balloons with glue dots to any spots in your garland where it needs a little something, the colors are off, or there is a hole.

See-that’s it! It’s so easy!

Please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to get them answered! Hope this helps make your next event a little, “extra”, and it’s super quick! Have a great day, friends!


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