Friday Favorites-4.26.24

Hey Hey Hey! Happy Weekend! And an extra long one for my crew! We have our last bad weather make-up day on Monday so a nice long three day weekend is on the horizon for us.

Hope you’ve had a great week! I’m joining my girl, Andrea, to share some FAVORITES from the week!

First up, I’m a bit disappointed that my big Charlotte Tilbury advent calendar I bought myself for Christmas didn’t include this product but it’s a new FAVORITE! Have you tried the Cryo-Recovery Eye Serum? It comes with a built in applicator that’s cold and feels like perfection when you apply the serum. Now that I’m forty my eyes {especially under the eyes} need a little extra time to “wake up” and this product helps!


This might be my FAVORITE from the last two weeks. :). Tab and I left for Cabo on Sunday morning, but Saturday we got to watch Bowen’s baseball games. During his first game, he hit an out of the park home run and simultaneously the ump called a balk on the pitcher which is a no pitch. So it didn’t even count. His next pitch was a great hit but wasn’t a home run. {By the way the umpire was so apologetic and kind to him about that which I think must be noted.} Anyway, on Sunday we were watching his game from Cabo and crossing our fingers he’d be able to hit one out. And I happened to catch it on my Game Changer as it happened! Some friends and even Nixon sent us videos so we could actually see. Not only was it a FAVORITE for the obvious reason but watching the videos where his baseball family was all screaming loudly and cheering him on was a FAVORITE too! I hate having to miss their things but hearing the cheers made me so happy.

Super cool that my parents got to see this! Definitely a FAVORITE!


TOTALLY forgot to take a pic when I wore them! URG! So sorry!

I found some CUTE shorts from Target. They come in a wide variety of colors, at a great price, and I absolutely think they’re a FAVORITE! I bought them in pink and green. {I’d say the pink is more “hot pink” and the green is more of a “sage green”.} I see a few colors are even on clearance!


I know I went on and on about the cute swim suits I found prior to even going to Cabo, but I must tell you….

  1. While I was there I got multiple compliments about my suits. The colors are all really vibrant. The suits are different than many others I’ve seen before and they’re SO cute!
  2. I have a girlfriend who ordered some. She ordered both a one piece and two pieces and loved them both!
  3. This style above is a new one with new colorways. I just spotted it on the website and thought it was darling! I’m telling you-CUTE SUITS!!

You can see ALL suits available right here! They’re my FAVORITE!


I love listening to podcasts but I often find myself in between some of my favorite podcasts having new episodes. I’m lost on where to find new podcasts. This week I listened to an audio book on Audible. Apparently a new FAVORITE! {Next week I’ll share all the details on this book-it was SO GOOD!}.


Okay, I’m off to see what the weather is going to do this weekend. Is everything gonna be cancelled and we won’t have any sports? Only time will tell! Have a great weekend!


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