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Happy May 1st, Friends! The countdown is ON….to no school, to SUMMER, and to no routines! WAHOOOO!!!

In honor of May and all the fun we’ll have, Shay and I have a fun Photo-a-Day Challenge for you! We’d love for you to join us on Instagram. Post about the prompt and use the #photoadaywitherikaandshay! Happy Posting!

WHOA!! It’s been a great month of entertainment around here! Please know that if we were meeting in person to chat, I’d bring ALL of this up to discuss with you! I’m going to get right to it…

Unlocked, a Jail Experiment, hit the charts on Netflix and I was intrigued. At an Arkansas detention facility, the sheriff decides to do an experiment where instead of the inmates being locked in their cells twenty-three hours a day with on hour unlocked, he’ll unlock the cells twenty-four hours a day. What the sheriff was observing was that these men were so angry and on edge from being inside a cell for almost the entire day that when they were out, they were aggressive, short-tempered, and had terrible behaviors so he wanted to see what would happen if they had more freedom inside the facility. This documentary gives you a deeper look at certain men and I found myself really invested in their lives and how the experiment would play out. The language is BAD {as I’m sure it is in prison} but other than that-I recommend it!

Another new show, Palm Royale, hit Apple TV and I kept hearing all about it. This show is set in the late 60’s/early 70’s in Palm Beach with the focus on the haves/have nots. I enjoyed the fashion and the style. I thought Kristen Wiig was adorable and her accent was SO good but the show was overall like “huh” for me. I’m still kind of confused about what the point even was. Again, great cast, great style but the actual plot of the show was just “meh”. If you’ve watched though, I’d love to discuss because WHAT did YOU think? There were parts that were good and then other times I’d be like, “is this supposed to be ridiculous?”. I just don’t even know.

Listen for the Lie…this is a mystery/thriller where the person trying to solve the crime is a crime podcaster who’s decided to head to the small town where a girl died years before to solve the case. It toggles between the book and the podcast interviews. For all my thriller girls out there, READ this! The addition of the podcaster was definitely a bonus for me!

The Many Lives of Mama Love…when Shay chose this for her book club in April I almost decided not to read it. I hadn’t heard about it and it really wasn’t my normal go-to. But I’m so glad I did. This is a memoir about Mama Love’s life full of addiction. How she wanted so much better but addiction had such a terrible grasp on her that she chose to go back to drugs over and over again. About two chapters in, I was HOOKED and was picking it up to read any chance I got. A great book I’d highly recommend!

In my family book club, my mom chose Nightwork by Nora Roberts as her book for April. I’d always thought Nora Roberts was an author for older ladies but boy, was I wrong! Nightwork was about a young boy who starts doing “nightwork” {AKA stealing at night} while his mom is battling cancer. She can’t work and they get way behind on their bills so he discovers a way to fix all of that. He grows up and basically never shakes the habit but there are twists and turns built in there as well.

I had no clue what First Lie Wins was even about but when I started reading this {right after Nightworks} I got confused numerous times because parts of the storylines are very similar. First Lie Wins is about a woman con artist who’s paid to dig a little deeper into certain things and before I knew it this psychological thriller had me so confused I wasn’t sure what was happening. This was a super quick read for me!

I tried something new this month and listened to a book on Audible. HIGHLY recommend!

Tell Me Everything was the perfect kickoff of my Audible relationship because she reads the book aloud herself. I knew nothing about Minka’s life prior but WHOA-this girl has been through a lot! Her story was full of heartache, ups, and downs, and not only would I recommend it but I’d recommend you listen to her reading. Now I’m hooked and don’t even know what to listen to next!! Please let me know if you have a great Audible recommendation!

What about you?! What has kept you entertained over the last month? {by the way, extra entertainment hours for me while we were in Cabo}.


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