Friday Favorites-11.11.22

What has happened to me this year? Is it my age? Have you guys seen that one meme that says…

“Not to be dramatic but the sun setting at 5:00 p.m. everyday has ruined my life.”

I’ve always had positive thoughts about “gaining” an hour of sleep. I like having early late fall/winter nights that feel extra cozy but this week I’ve been READY for bed around 7:15 p.m. every single night. Are you feeling the same way? I’ve had buckets and buckets of coffee and STILL have gotten in bed before 9:00 p.m. every night. It seems as though we lost sleep instead of gained it this year. Am I alone in this?

I might be alone in thinking that BUT I’m not alone in sharing some Friday Favorites. My girl, Andrea, and I team up each week to share a few of our FAVORITES from the week. This week I’m changing it up and am in need of some of YOUR FAVORITES. I compiled a list of my questions along with some of my own faves.

I know I sound like a broken record here, but our house is undergoing a major renovation. And we’re getting so darn close to the finish line. I have some things I need to get ordered, some random things I’d love to know, and just more research to do before I commit….

First up, HAPPY VETERANS DAY! Thanking you and sending lots of gratitude for your service today and always. XO


Shay’s post yesterday had me thinking…I’VE GOT TO GET TO ORDERING OUR NEW WASHER AND DRYER. We took part of the stairs and our old pantry to create a new laundry space. The way the space is now set up we have to have the front loader washer and dryer. If you have a front loader that you love, please tell me what kind it is! I’ve read some good things about the Maytag 5.0 cubic feet Front Loader and the Samsung 5.0 cub feet Front Loader. My goals with laundry are to cram as much laundry into one load as humanly possible. Please shoot me any and all recs. I’ve heard lots about Speed Queens but they appear to be smaller. What are your thoughts? Worth the price for a smaller machine? Seriously would love any and all thoughts as I scramble to get this ordered soon.


Next up, PLEASE SEND me your moving IN tips. Our plan is to start with all the big furniture like beds, dressers, etc. and then go from there. I know being organized during a move is many of your jam but this is not my skill set. Do you have any suggestions? The countdown is ON and we should be back in our house in 9 days!!


Jasmine looks super confident on her magic carpet but I’m struggling in the rug department! I’m on the hunt for a dining room, living room, and master bedroom area rug. WHERE did you find yours? Right now the front runner is at Serena and Lily but I’m not one hundred percent sold. Please send me your recs!


If you’re in the middle of all the house things too, did you see my paint color post yesterday? You guys were sweet to send in some of the colors you used! Lots of great suggestions in the comments!


This is a pricey option for an Advent Calendar but Ebby Lee’s on that cusp of being too old to have lots of magical Christmas moments and she mentioned how much she loved this advent calendar last year. Well, that’s all it took for this mom. I was immediately sold. It comes with twenty-five treats from body lotions to face masks. It was so good last year that I’d wished I’d bought one for myself. This year instead of getting myself an advent calendar I’m buying ceiling fans so maybe next year. ha!


You guys know what happens this Sunday, right? My VERY FAVORITE show is BACK! The Duttons will back on Sunday night and to say I’m excited is a bit of an understatement. I might have gotten my dates wrong and called everyone I knew last week to tell them to watch Sunday only to realize I was a week ahead. #oops


Okay, this post was ALL OVER THE PLACE but that’s my life right this second. I hope you guys stay warm this weekend! See you Tuesday!


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  1. 11.11.22
    MJ said:

    Save yourself the headache of any other brands- just get the Speed Queen set.

  2. 11.11.22
    Elspeth said:

    Hang in there before the big move! Looking forward to seeing the end result!

  3. 11.11.22
    Lauren said:

    Moving tip – Label each box with a color sticker. I got mine on Amazon, they were probably 3×3. Then when you’re loading the moving truck you can group things together by room. I also did this for urgency. So orange was kitchen but if it had a red sticker also it meant move it out first. Also find a way, any way, to NOT take clothes off hangers. I left mine on and just flopped them all in a sheet and carried them. Sooooo much time saved to just hang them up versus stand with a box of clothes for hours.

  4. 11.11.22
    Beth said:

    Speed Queen top loader all the way. Will never go back!!!
    Check out Ruggables rugs. They are great for active families!

  5. 11.11.22
    Carrie said:

    Erin Gates and Chris loves Julia both have beautiful rugs on Wayfair. Expensive rugs worry me with the kids, and these are very reasonably priced.

  6. 11.11.22
    Caty said:

    I just replaced my washer/dryer and am so happy with the Electrolux front loaders! The salesperson told me they mold the least amount, my whites stay white and I can see real suds when washing!

  7. 11.11.22

    I am here for the early darkness…any excuse to get my pjs on at 5:00. Hahahaha!

  8. 11.11.22
    Jen said:

    Speedqueen! I do not have any problem with load size. We have a king size bed and everything fits well.

  9. 11.11.22
    Becky said:

    I have a top load washer and dryer but I strongly suggest getting the biggest washer and dryer you can. We upgraded a couple of years ago and it is a life/time saver. Not to mention saving us tons by being able to wash and dry our king size comforters and not having to take them to a dry cleaner.

  10. 11.11.22
    Jenna said:

    My tip for buying a front loader- Don’t do it! It’s impossible to keep them from not stinking.

  11. 11.11.22
    Sarah Madsen said:

    I have an LG set front load and LOVE. They have an allergen setting that takes longer but it is amazing for us with allergies. Cleans amazing and is Wifi capable so you can get notified when things are done!
    Ruggable for rugs! All are washer safe so its even better for spills and dirt!

  12. 11.11.22
    joanna said:

    We bought one of the “best rated” front load washers and I just couldn’t take it more than a week. I really didn’t feel like my clothes were being cleaned properly. Yes, it was quiet and pretty, but that was about it. I would go with the Speedqueen in a heart beat, but I don’t do laundry for six people either, so not sure about the size issue. That Advent calendar is awesome!

  13. 11.11.22
    Heather said:

    I’ve gotten all my rugs (and I have a lot!) from Rugs USA. Highly recommend!

  14. 11.11.22

    We started daylight saving here in October and I’m still confused! We’ve had a few very late dinners around here!

  15. 11.11.22
    Becky Carl said:

    Get the beds up and put together very first thing, that way when you are so exhausted, at least you can lay down in your own bed and get a good night’s sleep.
    For rugs, I liked, Wayfair. NuLoom is great because you can actually wash these rugs in your washing machine. I already tested it and it came out like new.
    Say a blessing over every room before you move in and you are all set. Best wishes for the move.

  16. 11.11.22
    Kelsey Gillaspy said:

    I don’t know if you’ve read The Lazy Genius Way by Kendra Adachi but you totally should! Her book has 13 principals that help you create systems and “lazy genius” anything based on what matters to you. She’s a great Instagram follow and she also has a podcast. Episode 201 is her guide to moving.
    Also, ruggable rugs are great. You get a non slip rug pad and then a rug that sticks on to the rug pad. The rug part is stain resistant and washable. Good luck with your move!!

  17. 11.12.22
    Jennibell said:

    Moving in…put everything in the garage and just bring in one box at a time. Unpack and go get another….you can’t get the next until THAT one is unloaded and put away. When you are done for the day, you don’t have boxes laying around everywhere making you feel like you didn’t do enough :/