Football Fashion-Fly, Eagles Fly!

What a WEEKEND in football! We were SHOOK by that Vikings/Bills game! What an amazing game for it to come down to that interception in over time! AHHH!!! Well, the past two weekends have been BIG football weekends. Did you guys happen to see this game last weekend?

The Prosper Express team won their semi-final game and then won the Super Bowl on Saturday!! HUGE WIN! And another over time game!

Then this past Saturday the McKinney Tigers won two playoff games to make it to the championship to snag the W!

See what I mean about some BIG football happening over the last couple weekends?! ;). {I only let Bowen play on two teams this year because he was the only kid who had Saturday sports. Other than two weekends where games overlapped, it was totally fine and manageable.}

I WOULD say what are we ever gonna do with our Saturdays now but Nixon is supposed to play in a 7 v 7 football tournament this weekend. We’ve got our fingers crossed it happens…that crazy Texas weather-you never know when it’s gonna rain.


And Fly, Eagles Fly!! Those Eagles are killing it this year! Years ago {pre-kids} Tab and I went to Philadelphia for a Cowboys/Eagles game but it was way before I took pictures on my phone so I can’t find a single pic to share from the game! Trust me when I say, it was a really fun atmosphere to watch some football!

Speaking of Philly, Nixon tagged along with Tab to a game just a couple weekends ago…

We have friends who live there so they took Nixon to the game with them. Dan and Tab worked on a Big 12 crew together for several years so we don’t get to see them often but they’re such a sweet family.

And there was even time for a few pictures afterwards.

He had the best time on his quick getaway {thanks to RAIN in Dallas, it was a night shorter than the plan}.

In honor of those Philadelphia Eagles, let’s talk a little fashion…{I’ve gotta be honest, your Philly green is a bit of a tricky color. I did my best, friends!}

Green Knit Pom Hat | Eagles Jersey | Green Two Piece Tunic Top | Two Piece Sweater Pants | Quilted Cream Hoodie | Green Leggings | Black Pom Beanie | Eagles Logo Hoodie | Plush Long Sleeve Waffle Tee | Eagles Stacking Bracelet | Tan Air Max Shoes

And one more BIG thing before I sign off…

The Besties are BACK with a new episode! Shay and I sit down to Break Down Black Friday! On this episode we are flying by the seat of our pants, which is totally outside my norm! We talk about our Black Fridays of the past and how we plan on scoring some of the best deals this Black Friday! We hope you’ll join us! You can follow along on your favorite podcast platform or find all of our episodes right here.

Have the best Tuesday, everyone! Odds are mine is going to be a little MAGICAL. 😉


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  1. 11.15.22
    Elspeth said:

    Great game day outfit ideas! Happy Tuesday!

  2. 11.15.22
    Sarah Madsen said:

    Still coming down from the Sunday high of my Vikings killing it! Such an amazing game and great day to be a Vike! Skol! 🙂

  3. 11.15.22
    Jen said:

    I’m just going to say it… ever since you let Shay become a Bills fan we have lost the last 2 games!! What a heart-wrenching loss this week!

  4. 11.15.22
    Crystal said:

    One of the best parts about fall is football! So exciting. I love the beanies!!


  5. 11.16.22
    Nicole said:

    Erika, what ray bans are you wearing? Love them – so cute on you!