Friday Favorites-1.6.23

The VERY first FRIDAY FAVORITES of the YEAR! WAHOO! Andrea and I are so excited to be back with you for another year recapping our favorites from the week each and every Friday. We hope you get to join us this year!

First of all THANK YOU for all the kind words about my first room reveal from the new renovation. If you missed it, this was our old pantry…

And after the little room switch we moved the pantry into the old laundry room so now it looks like this…

You can check out our new pantry and get all the details in this post from Wednesday. It’s definitely a new FAVORITE space in our home.


A new FAVORITE top arrived last week. This oversize sweater from Amazon in a small and the color, “apricot”. I paired it with jeans at first but then decided it looked a little too oversized with jeans and paired much better with leggings. These are my leggings {I sized up}. And the bracelets I’m wearing are one of the most worn item in my closet. They’re the only bracelets I left unpacked from July to basically now so if I was wearing jewelry, these were the bracelets. My boots are old, but similar to these.


On February 2nd, 2017, I shared THIS BLOG POST where I talked about infertility, shared my struggles, discussed what helped me, and then offered up creating “Infertility Pen Pals” so women going through this could reach out to someone else going through the same thing. I matched up numerous women way back in 2017. Just this week I got an Instagram message from two women I randomly matched over five years ago. These women have become great friends, talk almost everyday, and now have four kids between the two of them. You guys!! My heart almost burst! Talk about a FRIDAY FAVORITE!! It’s easy to share my favorite Amazon finds from the week, a new favorite show, or even a FAVORITE mom moment but sometimes sharing my heart leaves me feeling a little too vulnerable. This was just the reminder I needed how important that is. THANK YOU to those two ladies who reached out! You made my week! And isn’t God cool?! He connected two women who are living hours apart but are being so encouraging and so supportive while living miles apart! Well, that’s just cool.


I know we don’t really know many updates {and I don’t blame the family for keeping things private} but what we have heard sounds really good about Damar Hamlin. His injury this week definitely wasn’t a favorite but the way both teams came together, the way an ESPN analyst PRAYED for him on live tv, the way football fans all over the world have been lifting him up in prayer…now that’s a FAVORITE.

I saw this and teared up as I read. Praying for complete healing for Damar and for all God is doing through his story.


Taking a hard right turn here because how do you change topics after that? Every winter my body gets SUPER DRY. A girlfriend told me she’d seen a meme that said, “My body is doing Dry January”. That could be me. My sister-in-law told me to try this Eucerin Eczema Relief Lotion and it’s made a HUGE difference on my eczema spots. This is the first winter those have creeped in. If I put the lotion and band-aids on each night it really helps, but do I spend the rest of my life or this dry season with band-aids on each night? Maybe so? If you have another suggestion, please share!


And wrapping up my list for the week…the National Championship game on Monday will definitely be a FAVORITE! What are the odds two of my FAVORITE college quarterbacks are battling it out next week? Those playoffs game were both SO GOOD! I was glued to the tv on New Year’s Eve and must have been really into the college football scene, because I talked to Tab later that night and said, “Let’s go to the game!” I tried to convince him just the two of us could sneak off to Los Angeles for a night to see Georgia and TCU battle it out. You guys! I was ALL IN! {Let me remind you he’s created this-I’d never even watched an entire football game before meeting him.}. He first said that I was crazy. Then he slowly came around and asked how much the tickets were. When I told him I’d found some for $800 each, he said, “You’re crazy. We’re not going.” hahaha! And so I’ll be watching from my living room on Monday night. Who are you cheering for? I want Stetson Bennett to have the game of his LIFE, but I want TCU to get the WIN. {And, I’d like Max Duggan to have an outstanding game as well.}


And now I’m off to get ready for a dinner with my favorite twin babies! Happy Friday, Everyone!


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  1. 1.6.23
    Sheaffer said:

    Well, you know me, I bawled my eyes out when I read the “I can’t wait till he hears the stories….” post. SO SO GOOD.

  2. 1.6.23
    Heather Stanton said:

    My sweet baby girl who is 16 has eczema spot that would get raw. I was afraid she might scar some were so bad. We tried everything. Her dermatologist recommended Dupixent and it is a life changer. I was super hesitant at first. Lots of research. Lots of question. 100% best thing we have done. Spots are healed. Confidence is back (no one wants those spots at 16).

    • 1.6.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Is that over the counter? I’m so glad you got something that worked!

  3. 1.6.23

    Well dang, Erika. That pen pal part just about made me sob my eyes out. How amazing is that?! Wow!!!! God is SO GOOD! And you are so good for being faithful to Him by sharing your story and supporting so many.

    • 1.6.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      GIRL-you and me BOTH!!

  4. 1.6.23
    Lindsay Ward said:

    I never comment but wanted to share what has worked for my Eczema and dry skin. First, I have a topical medicine from my dermatologist that I apply for any spots that appear and they quickly go away after only 1 or 2 applications. However, I use the Eczema Relief Cream & Body Wash in the shower followed by the lotion you mentioned every day. Then for extra itchy or dry spots that aren’t quite developed into full Eczema red spots, I use the Cortizone 10 Intensive Healing Lotion, Eczema Care. Anyway, this routine has helped me manage my Eczema and I rarely have full on spots develop anymore if I am consistent with this routine.

    • 1.6.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Oh my! I didn’t know there was a body wash! I should try that! THANK YOU!!

  5. 1.6.23
    lisa said:

    We live in Colorado where it gets ridiculously dry every winter. My son just got eczema last month. Our doctor had us give him a shower every night, dab him dry so he was still damp after, put on the steroid cream, then the eczema lotion, and then he put pajamas on. No band aids. The spots cleared up in about 7-10 days. Now we skip the steroid and just put the lotion on the area, we really slather it on, though.

    When my friend’s kid’s were younger, they had eczema so bad, she’d lotion them up and wrap plastic wrap around the spots!

    • 1.6.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Thank you!! I have two spots and they’re both on fingers so that’s why I’ve been putting band-aids on them. But maybe I shouldn’t?

      • 1.6.23
        lisa said:

        I think if you’re going to cover the spots, I’d make sure they’re damp first. His pediatrician said to keep him hydrated, run a humidifier, and make sure he’s still a bit damp after the shower! We just take the towel and patpatpat very gently. The lotion on top of that locks the moisture in.

        Also try the body wash as mentioned above. It did wonders for him.

        The poor guy. We didn’t know what it was and it slowly went away and then came roaring back. He scratched himself silly. I hope yours doesn’t bother you too much!

  6. 1.6.23
    Patty said:

    Itchy skin gal here too and I also use that Eucerin product. I spot treat it on my shins and elbows and it makes a big difference.

    Happy New Year!


  7. 1.6.23
    Lynn Bass said:

    You should Roe Wellness for your eczema! She is a pediatric nurse practitioner with 2 sons and she has created. It’s amazing! Will clear eczema right up with no need for bandaids!

  8. 1.6.23
    Dianna Cline said:

    TCU class of ‘07 going to the game with 6 college friends, some I haven’t seen in years. It will be a 36 hour trip and worth every penny! Go Frogs!

    • 1.8.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Dianna, have so much fun!

  9. 1.6.23
    Amanda said:

    Go DAWGS!!

  10. 1.6.23
    Tina said:

    Go Dawgs!

  11. 1.6.23
    Michele said:

    We went to the Fiesta Bowl and my husband still doesn’t have his voice back and my voice sounds like I smoked a carton of Pall Malls (I don’t smoke) and then proceeded to eat some gravel. We have been to tons of TCU games including when they went to the Rose Bowl and this was the most fun I’ve ever had at a game and was crying by the end. I just couldn’t help it, the tears came. While we were still in the stadium I was looking up tickets for the National Championship game and my husband said no when he heard the price. What!?!? I really just wanted to buy myself a ticket and go but if I did I would be wishing the whole time that he was with me. GO FROGS!

    • 1.8.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Well then I don’t fully understand wanting to go as much as you do! BUT I think it’d be fun to be there! However, I ordered a special grazing board for the game and we’ll watch it from the couch. ha!

      • 1.9.23
        Michele said:

        A grazing board is a great for a football game or any other time as well 🙂 Have you been to YaYaYum Boards in Grapevine? We ordered a huge board from them 2 years ago before New Years and they came out and set it up. Everything was fabulous!

  12. 1.6.23

    Pomifera has several products that have great reviews re:eczema and other skin disorders. I’ve personally had good results!

    • 1.8.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Thank you for sharing! I’ll look into these!

  13. 1.7.23
    Audrey D said:

    Go Dawgs!!

    • 1.8.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Excited about the game!

  14. 1.7.23
    Leslie S said:

    Nothing over the counter worked for my daughter. Our dermatologist wrote an RX for Cloderm. Non-steroid, creme, but rx only. It was LIFE CHANGING. May be worth a visit to a derm to ask about it.

  15. 1.8.23

    My skin is very dry too and so itchy. I need to moisturise every day. Love those faux leather leggings!

    Emma xxx

  16. 1.10.23
    Robin said:

    I saw that you mentioned that your eczema spots are on your fingers. Rather than using band-aids I would suggest getting some white cotton gloves. You can find them at the drugstore or sometimes I’ve found them at Walmart. Use whichever lotion or ointment works for you but be generous with it before bed and then wear the gloves while you sleep. The dermatologist recommended Vanicream lotion for me, because I am very allergic to formaldehyde-based preservatives (They seem to be in EVERYTHING…soaps, detergents, lotions, makeup!) I hope you get some relief! Eczema can be miserable; my fingers used to crack and bleed in the winter.

  17. 1.10.23
    Robin said:

    I saw that you mentioned that the eczema spots are on your fingers. As someone who has dealt with eczema for years particularly on my hands, I would suggest you look for some white cotton gloves. Usually, you can find them at the drugstore, and I have occasionally found them at Walmart too. Use whichever lotion you prefer but be very generous applying it before bed and then wear the cotton gloves while you sleep. My dermatologist recommended Vanicream lotion for me because I have an allergy to formaldehyde-based preservatives. (They seem to be in EVERYTHING…soaps, detergents, lotions, makeup!) I hope you get some relief. Eczema can be miserable; my fingers used to crack and bleed in the winter.