Day in the Life of a Baseball Mom

Hey There! Happy Monday, Friends!

I touched a bit on this in Friday’s post but today is the seventh anniversary of my friend, Manda, meeting Jesus face to face. Manda was the best mom. She loved her kiddos more than anything and I’m often reminded amidst late practice runs, early Saturday morning games, endless piles of laundry, dinner EVERY night, or just a really bad day that I need to turn my exhausted/bad attitude into a good one {for Manda}. She would have given anything to get to be an exhausted mom so more than anything I’d love to encourage you to be thankful and grateful for all the momm’ing you get to do this week. I’m going to be a extra thankful this week and hope you’ll join me in her honor.

I know “Day in the Life” posts are the most popular to read here so I decided I’d tweak it just a bit. I decided to take pictures of my Sunday {yesterday} to document the day in the life of a BASEBALL MOM. Now please know mid-season both of my boys play and Britt plays softball so the days will be a little crazier {I’ll have to document one of those for you}, but yesterday only Nixon had a tournament. It was extra special because Tab and I don’t get to sit in the stands very often together, but we did yesterday.

Here’s a look at my Sunday…

5:15 A.M.-My alarm went off that early but I laid in bed until 5:30 then quickly got ready because the baseball field for the day was a little over an hour away. Yes, OVER an hour away!

Bright and early and headed to an 8:00 game.

5:58 A.M.-Proof….

Bowen changed my background a few weeks ago. ha! This was the time when we pulled out of our driveway. Tab and I both went to the games knowing we won’t get to cheer from the stands very often together plus all of our other kids were taken care of/had plans.

Another shot of the early morning proof. 😉

7:15 A.M.-Nixon had to be at the fields at 7:15. We actually dropped him a bit early and made our way to a Starbucks for a coffee and a little breakfast.

8:00 A.M.-Fed, coffees in hand, and back at the fields for the first game.

9:30 A.M.-Game is about to wrap up. We WON! I made the mistake of seeing the 80’s high my weather app but missed the early morning 50 degree weather. I’m SO GLAD I took a blanket because this first game was CHILLY!!

10:30 A.M.-BREAKFAST or maybe I should say BRUNCH?

We headed to the little downtown area to grab some omelets and warm up!

12:00 P.M.-One of Nixon’s teammates lives in this town and invited all the families over to hang in between games. We’re new to the team so I couldn’t bring myself to ask the crew for a pic-hahaha! The family lives in the country and has a gorgeous home with the most perfect backyard for us to relax in. And they were so gracious to host us for a few hours! Didn’t wanna take a pic of their place so here’s a view of the adjoining land.

Did I mention the weather yesterday was absolutely GORGEOUS? Once it warmed up a bit, it was incredible!

3:30 PM-Gearing up for game two so Nix had to be at the fields early to warm up. Tab was trying to catch a quick cat nap in the car so I popped over to the track to get some blood flowing. I’ve gotta be careful because while a day of baseball can be emotionally exhausting I can go an entire day with not much movement if I’m not careful!

4:00 P.M.-Game #2 was about to start. We were just waiting for the game in front of us to finish. I’d been drinking water for hours and needed something else. This Coke Zero hit the spot!

6:00 P.M.-Well, it wasn’t the outcome we’d hoped for BUT a good first weekend with a new spring team. After a team chat, it was time to pack up and head back toward McKinney.

6:15 P.M.-On our way home. This mama looks a TAD sleepy. ha!

6:30 P.M.-Got a gorgeous glimpse of the Dallas skyline on the drive.

6:45 P.M.-We popped into one of our favorite Addison spots, The Flying Fish, for a quick dinner.

And that’s where the pics ended. We got home about 7:30ish, got showered, caught up with the other kids, and got ready for our day. You know just a quick out of the house for 12+ hours for some baseball!

Hope you guys have the BEST day!


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