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Decorating for Christmas and un-decorating for Christmas both aren’t one of my favorite things.  I tend to be in the “dreading it” camp.  We store all of our decorations in the attic upstairs so it’s not convenient to haul everything down {or up} the stairs.  It always causes a big mess before it looks good.  Yada yada.  You know what it’s like, right?  Well, last year I did something I hadn’t done before.  For years and years and years we disassembled our Christmas tree and just stored it in the attic as is. We’d carry it piece by piece up/down the stairs.  I’m using the term, “we”, because the main bottom section was heavy, awkward to carry and really was a job only for Tab.  Last year I decided to finally try a Christmas tree storage bag for storing the tree, just to see if it helped.  It was my first piece of true “holiday decor storage”…why’d it take me 15 years before attempting?  {Don’t worry I’m side eyeing myself so you don’t even have to.}  And when I tell you that Ebby Lee and I were able to get all the decorations down, tree put up, and the house decorated for Christmas with just the two of us doing the work, I wouldn’t be lying.  Ebby Lee and I were shocked!  That storage bag made it so much easier to lug those big awkward tree pieces down the stairs.  A huge difference!  Tab was out of town at a football game and when we chatted I told him we’d gotten the house all decorated.  His response was, “But not the tree”. He was in disbelief when I explained how the storage bag made hauling that tree so much easier.  

When Walmart reached out to see if I’d like to team up to share some Winter Savings ideas, I jumped at the chance to highlight some ways for you to save time AND money with a few holiday storage items.

Not only does Walmart have some cute fashion items, but they’ve got home items, so many gift options for anyone you still have on your list, and everything you need to  make your winter season cozy.  I wanted to share holiday storage though because it saved me so much time and Walmart will help you save money on any item you find.  Always the best prices!  Now is the time to grab an item or two just so you have it ready for disassembling. 

I made a graphic for you to see some of the items Walmart has on the ready to help.

#1 Up to 9 Feet Storage Bag-Depending on your tree size, you might need a bigger bag {like this one} or you can even break your tree up into two.  Our storage bag made such a difference.  What was I thinking by not trying it sooner?

#2 Wreath Storage Bag-A great way to keep your wreaths in great shape!

#3 Ornament Storage Containers-I’ve already ordered this for our house.  

#4 Wreath Storage Containers-If you have multiple wreaths, this option would be an even better way to store your wreaths.

#5 Wrapping Paper Storage-After Christmas, I’m always left with some Christmas paper that I hide away under a bed.  Not anymore!

#6 Christmas Tree Storage Bag-I was talking with a friend about how nice and easy the storage bag made getting down my tree and she said they store garland in the bags as well. That’s a great idea!  

#7 Up to 7.5 Feet Storage Bags-If you have a smaller tree, this is the one for you!

#8 Ornament Storage Box-Another great option to keep your ornaments safe.

We have Walmart to thank for the everyday savings they always provide and a big thanks to the invention of storage items to help us save a little time each holiday season.  I know we could all use more minutes in our days-especially our days around the holidays.  Also, thanks to Walmart for teaming up for this post.  You guys can find all the items I shared below as well.  Hope you all have a great day!

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  1. 12.9.21
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    Such a great ideas and time and money savers! Thanks for sharing!

  2. 12.9.21
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Those Christmas tree storage bags are such game-changers! It also makes carrying the tree much easier, plus we use them for our garland too!

  3. 12.9.21
    Tracy Robinson said:

    I love the ornament storage boxes. They keep everything so well organized, and I don't have worry about anything getting squished or broken. Love them!

  4. 12.10.21
    Anneka said:

    I actually still have both the boxes for my trees and put them back in them every year! ๐Ÿ˜‚ I do like the idea of the ornament box, but so many of mine aren't standard ball size. We like to buy fun/unique ornaments on vacation for our tree. They make me so happy.