Tuesday Tidbits-Christmas Mom Brain and a Survey

“Pregnancy brain” and “mom brain” are two terms I’ve heard of.  But is “Christmas mom brain” a thing?  Because if so, I’m pretty sure I’m suffering from that.  Way too much on my mind, way too much to remember, and it’s all becoming jumbled.  Anyone else? 

This is probably why we’re suffering…

BAHAHAHAHAHA!  I couldn’t help myself.

Today, I’ve got some tidbits for your Tuesday.

Every December, I love grabbing your feedback!  I love hearing what you enjoy reading, your least favorites and any recommendations you have.  I have my Annual Blog Survey ready to go.  Please, please, please take a few minutes and let me know your thoughts.  It’s only four quick questions and I’d very much appreciate it.  This always helps me when I’m working on new topics and content for the upcoming year.

A Little Bit of Everything 2021 Survey


What a CREW!  The Slaughter/Shull crew went ice skating last weekend and they dominated the rink.  And by that I mean they mostly hung around the rails. 



This past weekend we had a random double sports weekend.  Tab had the Thursday night game so he was with us.  WAHOO!  Nixon played in a five-on-five football tournament with some kids from another town while Ebby Lee had her first volleyball weekend.  We were busy Saturday almost the entire day and then a big part of Sunday.  When Tab got up on Monday morning he said, “This weekend was not really restful at all.”  hahahaha!  No, it wasn’t but that’s a sports weekend!

Ebby Lee’s team had a great first weekend!  Far better than they were expecting so a big win for her team!

This girly got ready and came right at game time with the boys and those three guys somehow allowed her to get out of the house with her jeans on BACKWARDS!  Can you even imagine how uncomfortable that was in a car seat?  She was such a good sport!

We got home in time for a couple hours of chilling before our Bible Fellowship Group Christmas Dinner.  These people are some of my absolutely favorites.  Tab and I have been involved in this group for almost sixteen years.  Some people have come in and out but so many connections we’ve made will be friendships that truly last a lifetime.  Many surgeries, deaths, prayer requests, and babies have been celebrated, encouraged, and lifted up among these friends.  We’re so thankful for each and every one.


If you’re looking for a great tween Christmas craft, Shay and I supplied the middle school cheerleaders with their Christmas activity yesterday during class.  We did this one.  It was super easy, quick and could be done in a regular class period, and each girl could make it her own.  We just had them bake the mugs at home on their own time.  Many made the mug exactly like the picture and others came up with their own Christmas design.  Super easy!  Highly recommend!


A few of my favorite FESTIVE things…

Merry Mama Top and Shay’s Christmas Day Stack {I’m wearing it on repeat this week.}

JCrew plaid top on sale with code, “JOYFUL”.

These lug boots are on major sale and after seeing my girlfriend, Meagan, wearing them I ordered some for myself.  And this sweater paired with high rise jeans was crazy comfy.

Notice my bracelet stack again?  This sweater paired perfectly!

Same bracelet stack, another comfy sweater, and the skirt I wear every December.  Do you guys have random items like that in your closet you wear just for the holidays?  This skirt is one of mine!

Another December item?  THESE boots!  {That’s this year’s version.}  I’ve had these boots for years and try to wear them from December 15th to January 1st.  🙂  They come with both brown and red laces, but the red speaks to my Christmas-loving heart.  If you have some brown boots you love, it’d be really cute to just change out the laces for red!


Anyone else making a to-do list and checking it twice?  I’m feeling pretty positive I’m going to forget something this week so I’m all about my list!  Okay, now Tab and I are off to Britt’s school to watch her Christmas performance.  She’s been talking about this for the last two weeks so we can’t wait to watch!  Happy Tuesday, Everyone!  


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  1. 12.14.21
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    You have been busy! Thanks for sharing all these life moments!

  2. 12.14.21
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I have so many questions about her jeans being on BACKWARDS!!!!!

  3. 12.15.21
    Laura said:

    Hi! Is there a way to subscribe to get your posts sent to my email daily?

  4. 12.22.21
    Kim said:

    That Merry Mama top is sooo cute! Did you order your normal size in it? Thanks!