What’s Up Wednesday-3.25.20 Edition

I’m linking up today with Sheaffer and Shay for What’s Up Wednesday.  

What We’re Eating This Week…
You know this meme-
That pretty much sums me up at the grocery store lately.  Anyone else?

Monday-We had a pasta I threw random things in to make one complete meal.  Tab himself said it best when he asked, “Is this a recipe?”.  I’m not exactly sure how he meant that to be taken, but I’m gonna go with he asked because it didn’t exactly taste like something that made sense.  But it worked.  #kindof
Tuesday-I happened to grab a roast from the grocery store so I’m throwing veggies in the slow cooker.  Easy peasy!
Wednesday-We are having fish, rice, and veggies.  5/6 are usually fans of this meal so I should be #winninginthekitchen.
Thursday-Salmon is on the menu.
Friday-We’ll probably round out the week with sloppy joe’s because we’re fancy like that.

What I’m Reminiscing About…

I’ve been reminiscing about normal birthdays my big kids had last year.  I keep thinking our family will definitely not be taking anything for granted after this quarantine.

Birthdays are for sure included.  🙂

What I’m Loving…
ALL THE EXTRA TIME…trying to stay positive and it’s definitely something to be thankful for.

What We’ve Been Up To…
Organizing and cleaning…

At-home Peloton bike rides, 

Some structured time {or not so structured depending on the day}, 

and Zoom calls with our classes from school.

What I’m Dreading…
I’m a little bit dreading Birthday Week for them if things are still going at the current pace.  We didn’t have any grand plans to celebrate this year but their plans definitely included friends.  I’ll be sad for them if that doesn’t get to happen.  BUT-we’ll celebrate as much as we can at home.

What I’m Working On…
This new balanced life I’m living…working from home, keeping everything picked up/clean, and online learning have become even more than a full-time job.  I’m working out all the kinks.  In a perfect world, we’d have the same schedule everyday but we’re only on day three and that hasn’t worked.  Monday was GREAT!  Tuesday was all off.  You win some you lose some.  Right?  I’m still working out all the kinks!

What I’m Excited About…
I’m so excited about our next podcast, The Bestie Breakdown!  Shay and I are anxiously awaiting the next time we get to record. 

What I’m Watching/Reading…
I’ve got a Book Review post coming at you tomorrow!  Be sure to come back to check it!  I’ll be sharing all the books I read over the winter.  This is the one I’m currently reading, The Most Fun We Ever Had.  It’s very “Family Stone-ish” so far…a family with four daughters and each daughter is navigating life’s ups and downs.  I’m only about thirty percent in, but I’ll keep you posted.

What I’m Listening To…
I’ve been listening to a worship music playlist on Spotify on REPEAT.  I keep it playing on our Alexa in the kitchen ALL DAY LONG.

What I’m Wearing…
Here are a few things that have arrived lately.  From left to right…

What I’m Doing This Weekend…
The same thing I’m doing today and probably again tomorrow.  🙂

What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month…
April is BIRTHDAY MONTH for Ebby Lee and Nixon.  I have high hopes we’ll be able to celebrate in big ways.  Also, we’re looking forward to Easter and celebrating our Risen Savior.

Thanks for reading today!

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  1. 3.25.20
    Joanne said:

    I enjoyed The Most Fun We Ever Had but I did keep waiting for the "fun" part; it seemed like there was a lot of angst and discontent in the family as a whole. We just ate a roast from the crock pot last night and I think we're probably having pasta and sauce with meatballs tonight… maybe?

  2. 3.25.20
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I have that book on my list to read! I can't wait for your review!!

  3. 3.25.20
    Sara said:

    Dang for spring birthdays this year. I know they are all going to look a little different this year. It's the worst when this virus rains on our kids parades.

  4. 3.25.20
    OwlMom said:

    I teach elementary school, and a parent sent out a Zoom meeting invite to all of her daughter’s classmates to celebrate virtually. She invited the teachers as well, and it was so cute to see all of the kids and celebrate the birthday girl. Just a suggestion for your two kiddos. 😊

  5. 3.25.20
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    I can't wait for your book review! I need some new suggestions for books!

  6. 3.25.20
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    I'm dreading birthday months too! Mason is April and Matthew is May. And I read The Most Fun We Ever Had back in October but never reviewed it! It was a good one but I didn't understand how any of it was "the most fun they ever had". 😂
    That Inspired Chick

  7. 3.25.20
    Unknown said:

    What documentary are you watching? I'm assuming it's with kids. Would love some ideas!

  8. 3.25.20
    Casey said:

    I agree about the birthdays. I'll be 40 in May and we had a trip and party planned and it looks like that probably won't be happening. I'm a little bummed! Definitely won't be taking anything for granted after this ordeal is over!

  9. 3.25.20
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Your menu sounds fantastic!!!! Good job finding stuff!

  10. 3.26.20
    Rightupmyaliway said:

    I can't wait to read your book review tomorrow! I need some book ideas during this "quarantine" time. I'm thoroughly impressed that you have been able to organize/ do anything during digital learning time. I'm an elementary teacher and have a 3 year old. All I feel like I do is pick up, feed and do online videos/meetings/lessons. 😉

  11. 3.26.20
    Good Better Best Food said:

    I am right there with you on the April birthdays. I have a big birthday the beginning of April and I am just trying to make the Best of it and see what happens.

    Stay well!

  12. 3.26.20
    Kate said:

    I feel you in the birthday thing! My first baby turns 13 on Saturday. Not at all how I had planned to spend his bday. However, I’m trying to be thankful for all I do have. Sending your family lots of love during this tough time 💕💕

  13. 3.29.20
    sarah.gicius said:

    While quarantined, we’ve had several March birthday celebrations that were put “on hold” — in our area, “birthday parades” have become very popular. Basically family/friends are notified and meet a street over to line up and then slowly drive by your house — beeping, waving, holding balloons out the window/sunroof, holding signs for the birthday person, blowing bubbles, etc. Just something to help brighten their day — they get to see all the people who love them and wish they could celebrate with. May be an idea?! I know our teachers did this too for their students now that we’re already two weeks into this quarantine and here in WI, we’ll be like this until minimally 4/27!