Winter Book Reads 2020

Thank you for all the help with the Peloton on Tuesday!  I can’t wait to try out all your favorite instructors and classes!  I’ll be set for days-thanks to you!

Since most of us find ourselves at home right now with a little extra time on our hands, let’s talk BOOKS!  Typically, by the time my head hits the pillow at night I’m almost asleep.  Yes, I’m one of those, but lately that hasn’t been the case.  Knowing I don’t have to get up as early as I normally do has helped my nightly reading game.  Big Time!

The Slaughter kids are having independent reading time and I’m doing my best to fit some of that in for myself as well.  Self-care, right?

In case you’re looking for a good book, I linked up some past book review lists and have my latest Winter Reads at the bottom {just keep scrolling, just keep scrolling…}

My mom informed me Kindle Unlimited is offering two months free right now and then the renewal fee begins.  I haven’t tried it, but it sounds like it’s a great time to give it a shot if you’ve been thinking about it. 

This was the very first {and only-so far} book I’ve ever listened to the full audio version.  Jessica, herself, is reading, which was great.  You can truly feel her emotions through her telling of her story.  She gets excited at times and even emotional during others.  I’m saying all that to say-I’ve heard reading it was a tad difficult for some people because she’s not a writer.  She’s just a girl wanting to tell a story.  Maybe keep that in mind.

Other than that, I LOVED it!  I grew up watching Nick and Jessica, America’s sweetheart couple {at the time}, and couldn’t get enough of her insider information.  I remember hearing she’d wanted to be a christian singer versus pop but just kind of evolved and through the book hearing her refer back to Christ or her spiritual walk was very encouraging.  This book made me like Jessica Simpson even more.  She’s had lots of tough times…many very recent but is doing her best as a mom/wife.  I think many can relate.  Again, it’s not written like an award winning book but if you grew up as a Jessica fan then I think you’ll find it very interesting.

Please realize my little blurb about this book will not do it justice.  For 102 Minutes, the authors interviewed numerous people in order to piece together what were most likely the real events occurring on September 11th in the World Trade Center Towers.  They highlight what floors people were on, what announcements were made in each building at what times, and who was calling loved ones.  This book was probably the first I’ve ever read where my heart was beating out of my chest and I was panicked but could not put it down.  

In the beginning, it was a bit difficult for me to get into because of all the names mentioned.  I kept trying to remember each thinking we’d circle back to them.  Some we did circle back to and others were never mentioned again.  Halfway through, I’m telling you-I could not put it down.  When I finished, I so appreciated the beginning when the authors had named each and every person.  They were such a part of this event and they deserved that recognition.  The authors highlight many things that caused the delay in people getting out of the buildings I’d never heard of before {and I’ve been to the 9/11 museum twice}.  For nonfiction and fiction readers, I’d highly recommend this one!  I couldn’t put it down and don’t think you’ll be able to either.

Chick-lit at it’s finest.  A guy and a girl  both looking to save some money on rent end up sharing a flat and only living there during opposite times of the day.  Well, one thing leads to another and…

Taking place in Dallas, Texas, this thriller revolves around a suicide in a corporate office and how the whispers of four women band together to stop sexual harassment. You guys know thrillers are my favorite type of book and this one was just okay.  I thought it was a tad too predictable in the outcome.

Marisol Ferrera decides to take a trip to Havana after her grandmother’s death to learn more about her Cuban heritage and she unearths some family secrets on her journey.  I enjoyed this book-definitely more “meaty” than chick-lit but just a good story.

Raise your hand if you’re a fan of Laurie Gelman?
I’m so glad she wrote a sequel to her first book, Class Mom.  Once again Gelman had me laughing from beginning to end as Jen Dixon tackles yet another year of “room-momming” for her son’s class. Her sassy attitude and telling it like it is attitude {which is sometimes what we’re ALL thinking} brings the perfect entertainment to all of us who have found ourselves in the same, “You’ve Been Volunteered” spot.  READ THIS ONE!

This book was GOOD!  Daisy Jones and the Six covers the forming of a chart-topping band in the 70’s.  We see the rise to fame and discover what became the fall.  It’s written all in “interview style”, and kind of gave off some of the same vibes as A Star is Born {if you’ve seen that movie}.  Very different, I should add but just a similar vibe.  I’d heard about this one over and over and really have no clue why I didn’t read it sooner!  SO GOOD!

To be honest-WHOA!  I don’t even know where to begin on this recap with all the twists, turns, and thrills.  This book is VERY rated “R” and is one of the most disturbing I’ve read.  There was a lot of sexual content that was absolutely unnecessary, in my opinion.  I’d keep that in mind when deciding if this is the book for you.  And then I’d suggest you head to Amazon to read the review.  I have no words.  Literally.

In A Woman is No Man, we follow three generations to take a look at the inside life of these Palenstinian-American women.  It was EYE-OPENING for me and a book I highly suggest you read!  What I read will stick with me for YEARS!

Now for Award Time {in no particular order}…

Best Light Hearted Read-You’ve Been Volunteered

Best “Will Stay With Me For a Long Time”-A Woman is No Man 

Best Overall Book-Daisy Jones and the Six

Reading now…
The Most Fun We Ever Had…I’ll keep you posted.  πŸ™‚

Have you read any good books I need to add to my Kindle STAT?  Please send any recs my way!  


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  1. 3.26.20
    Becky said:

    I recently finished 'A Woman is No Man' and I agree. I commented to the librarian when I returned it, how much it touched me.

  2. 3.26.20
    Kirsten said:

    I’m reading The Housekeeper by Natalie Barelli and it’s sooooo good

  3. 3.26.20
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    You have read soooooo many great books this winter!!!! And one very stupid one. πŸ˜‰ (are you laughing at me? I'm laughing at me!)

  4. 3.26.20
    Meg H. said:

    Gosh, I agree with you about Verity! What an odd book. I absolutely LOVED A Woman is No Man. It will stick with me for a long, long time.

    Recent reads that I've loved have been The Light Over London, Sisters First by the Bush Sisters, and All Your Perfects! Enjoy!

  5. 3.26.20
    Jennie said:

    Now go read all of the rest of Taylor Jenkins Reid's books – I have loved every single one!!

    Agree with you on Jessica Simpson's book…it is definitely written almost exactly as if she is just talking to you. She did have an actual writer help her with it, so I didn't think it was difficult to read…just very conversational in tone. But SO GOOD!

  6. 3.26.20
    Beth said:

    If you can get past the unnecessary sexual content, I loved Verity! I thought it was unpredictable and really good. Her new book, Regretting You, was great! If you loved the 911 book, you should read The Only Plane in the Sky. Could not put it down!!! The Flatshare was one of my favorites from last year, and I loved You've Been Volunteered! Next try When We Believed in Mermaids!

  7. 3.26.20
    Deena said:

    I read 102 Minutes based on your comments and I’m really glad I read it. You might try The Day the World Came to Town:9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland by Jim DeFede. It's heartwarming, funny, and just plain interesting to read how a small place was able to host thousands of stranded passengers. You'll love reading about the townspeople with hearts of gold and can read it free if you have Prime. I had bought tickets for Come From Away for this month but of course DSM had to postpone. They want to bring it back so fingers crossed.

    I enjoyed Next Year in Havana although it was a bit more of a romance than I expected. If you liked it, you may want to read The Gown by Jenifer Robson. I really liked it.

  8. 3.26.20
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    Great suggestions! I am looking to restock on some new reads!

  9. 3.26.20
    Sunni said:

    I'm reading The Wife Between us right now. I am so glad you posted this because I have a feeling lots of books are in my future.

  10. 3.26.20
    Shelly @ The Queen in Between said:

    I've got to download that Jessica Simpson book to listen to. I listened to Demi Moore's book and would really recommend!

  11. 3.27.20
    Cheriese said:

    The Best Worst Man was a really good (R-rated) Chick Lit book! Not quite as good as The Flatshare, which I loved, but still good!

  12. 4.7.20 said:

    Pinning A Woman is no Man. Sounds very moving and insightful. My daughter married an Afghanistan refugee who fled Afghanistan for Pakistan and then Pakistan for the U.S. with his mom and sister when he was a young boy. Would like to read this to have a better understanding of his upbringing and the difficulties he faced coming to America.

    I liked The Most Fun We Ever Had very much. Just finished reading Long Bright River, which is also very good.

    Pinning the 9-11 book, too. Appreciate your good reviews.