What’s Up Wednesday-3.29.23

What’s Up Wednesday! I’m gonna link up with Sheaffer and Shay to answer a little about what’s going on around here.

First off, I’ve gotta wish a BIG Happy Birthday to my mom! We love you so much, Mom, and hope you have the BEST DAY! And Happy Birthday to Aunt Gina as well! XOXO

What We’re Eating This Week

This week our menu is a bit boring.

Monday-Spaghetti and green beans were on the menu.

Tuesday-Last night was grilled chicken, baked beans, and salad.

Wednesday-Tonight we’re having salmon and veggies.

Thursday-OPENING DAY is tomorrow! In honor of the festivities, we always try to eat something that feels a little “ballpark-ish” for dinner. One year Tab grilled brats and his must have been bad because he had the worst food poisoning that evening. I remember him being like, “I’m NEVER eating a brat again”. And he probably hasn’t. This year we’re just grilling burgers and having fries. The Rangers play in the afternoon so we won’t even really be watching much while we eat but when I can spice up dinner with a theme, I go for it!

Friday-Dinner will be out!

What I’m Reminiscing About

These tiny babies at a Rangers’ game! Look how little they all were!

What I’m Loving

I’m LOVING this color this season!

What We’ve Been Up To

We just spent a gorgeous Spring Break week in the Dominican Republic! You can read all about it in my DR post!

What I’m Working On

I’ve been working on many Disney World vacations like the one pictured above. We’d love to help YOUR family plan a magical vacation as well! Check out our website to learn more!

What I’m Excited About

Sally Hepworth’s latest book, The Soulmate, releases Monday! I can’t wait to READ!

What I’m Watching/Reading

I just got finished watching The Bacheor. Can we even talk about the overnight date episode?! I’m STILL SHOOK! WHAT IN THE WORLD?! Tab popped into the room and when I started explaining what we happening he decided to sit and stay a while. hahahaha! It was like a TRAIN WRECK! YIKES!

What I’m Listening To

Have you listened to the Bestie Breakdown’s first episode of season four that was released on Monday?! Shay and I have changed up the format a bit this season and are doing smaller more in the moment chats about what’s going on, what’s happening in the entertainment world us, and anything else we think to discuss.

What I’m Wearing

Excuse the mid-decorating mess!! We’re wrapping things up over here and on the final lap of the home renovation but I had just a minute to grab a pic before we headed out the door. No time to create the perfect mirror spot!


THE PERFECT “LOGGER” {LEGGING/JOGGERS}-I seriously almost devoted an entire post to this pair of loggers. I still might because friends, I’m in LOVE. Mine are the “Gradiate Geo High Gloss Black}



If you saw my post last week about my color of the season, then you’re not surprised to see this new skort that arrived over the weekend. For some football watching on a gorgeous spring day, I paired this skort with this navy tank and an old navy/white stripe sports bra {similar} with these sneakers.

My particular tan this week is courtesy of this bottle. 🙂

Monday was one of those days I was plowing through my to-do list and I never had time to shower and officially “get ready” for the day. Also, with super crazy dry hands I’m seriously limiting my showers to just once a day as much as possible. I worked out in the morning and just stayed in my workout gear all day. Tank, leggings {my leggings are old and color is sold out}, and sneakers. Thanks to the rug that doesn’t work for being a special prop for this one. 😉

What I’m Doing This Weekend

We have another sports weekend on our hands…a football game and then two baseball tournaments. Hoping we end the weekend with a little more bling. 😉

What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month

BIRTHDAY MONTH in the Slaughter House and we have two trips I’m REALLY excited about!

Thanks for reading today!


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  1. 3.29.23
    Elspeth said:

    I love these kinds of posts! Always so fun to catch up on what’s new!

  2. 3.29.23
    Sheaffer said:

    Lots of good stuff today, but that green skirt is DARLING!!!!!

    • 3.29.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Thanks, friend!

  3. 3.29.23

    Happy Happy Happy birthday T-Nonnie!! I hope you have the BEST day! I know my kiddos are sure excited about Birthday Month too!

    • 3.29.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Whoop Whoop!

  4. 3.29.23
    Amy Azza said:

    Hi Erika! I just wanted to let you know that Episode 1 Season 4 of The Bestie Breakdown was worth the wait 🙂 my favorite one to date! You and Shay are both so real and genuine and relatable. Thanks for bringing the happy to all of us.. can’t wait for Episode 2!!

    • 3.29.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Amy, BEST comment ever! THANK YOU for saying that! I appreciate it!

  5. 3.29.23
    Laci said:

    I can’t wait to read Sally’s new book!! Also, love those joggers!

    • 3.29.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      ME too on both things!

  6. 3.29.23
    Jenny N said:

    I love the green chair in the background of your “what I’m wearing” pictures!

    • 3.29.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      The ones I was too lazy to move? hahaha! Thanks, Jenny! That room is getting close to being finished! Can’t wait to share!

  7. 3.29.23
    Leslie S said:

    What a fun post! Can’t wait to see
    Where y’all are going!!

    • 3.29.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Thanks, Leslie!

  8. 3.29.23
    Jennifer Cawlfield said:

    Thank you for helping plan my Manda Strong Disney trip that we went on a few weeks ago. It was absolutely perfect!!!! I appreciate you and everyone else who helped make it magical.

    • 3.29.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Jennifer, I’m SO glad we could help! I’m glad you guys had such a great time!

  9. 3.29.23
    Natasha said:

    Okay, I LOVE the idea of an Opening Day themed meal. Tomorrow is my son’s 14th birthday so he’s already decided the menu, but I’m totally throwing a baseball themed meal into this week in honour of baseball being back!!!

    • 3.29.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Hi Natasha! Yes! We started it a few years ago and it’s just kind of stuck! My kids all think it’s fun!