Three Things on Thursday

#1 Remember how I mentioned this season for the Bestie Breakdown you should make sure to follow along with us on your favorite podcast platform. Make sure you’ve saved The Bestie Breakdown so anytime a new episode is released you’ll get a little notification that lets you know you have a podcast available to listen to. I’m saying all that to say, “THE BESTIE BREAKDOWN IS BACK WITH EPISODE TWO!”. WAHOO!!

Once again, Shay and I are doing our best to keep our typical phone conversation right on the podcast. We talk Vanderpump Rules drama, our weekends, and taste some interesting sweets and drinks. You can follow along via Spotify or Apple or anywhere else you listen to podcasts. As always, please reach out to us if you have something you’d like us to cover on the podcast.

#2 Follow along with my day!

You can keep up with my pic every hour over on Instagram by following along! Hope to see you there!

#3 Opening Day-It’s Opening Day in the MLB and I heard for the first time in YEARS all 30 teams have the exact same opening day! Basically, there will be lots of baseball happening today because everyone’s playing! On the first episode of The Bestie Breakdown, Shay encouraged me to choose a baseball team this season and I did just that. Tab and Nixon cheer for the hometown Texas Rangers, but Bowen has several favorites. And I like his style. ha! Growing up I was a big St. Louis Cardinals’ fan and even had my college room decorated in Cards’ decor so they’ll have a piece of my heart along with a new team. I chose them solely because during the World Baseball Classic, I kept asking where certain players on USA’s team played and I heard this team over and over again. They must be good then, right? I told my family, they grunted because I wouldn’t just get on board with their Rangers, and then I ordered some supplies to really be a fan. {I’ll be sure to share in my stories today!}

Have the best Thursday, everyone!


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