What I Wore-And Want To Wear!

Hi Guys! I have a teeny, tiny dose of What I Wore for your Wednesday and then at the bottom of the post, I’m sharing some things I’d like to be wearing. ;). I’ve got my eye on these particular items and thought you’d want to see those as well.

First up, this was my running errands, carpooling kids, working from home look one day last week. Navy tee {similar}, ripped jeans {I got these last year and loved but these are similar}, belt, and hat.

Another day, same jeans. :). I paired the same funky jeans with a sleeveless top in a dark mustard. If Texas is gonna be warn in the fall, then I’m gonna do my best to dress in the right colorway even though I’m in sleeveless. And once again, the same belt.

I met Shay one day and she was wearing the cutest track jacket. It was instant love for me so I basically ordered as soon as we parted ways! {I ordered the medium and probably could have gone with a small but the medium is just fine.} I paired mine with a black tennis skirt. {in this brand I either purchase the long tennis skirt or I size up in the regular length.}

On Saturday I kind of missed the memo on the weather heating up rather quickly. I overdressed JUST a tad for Bowen’s championship game. I paired a white long sleeve tee with black leggings and this cropped vest {from last year but this year has a version too}.

Please note the most ridiculous face I’m making EVER in one of these. I think I was trying to hurry before Nix walked through the back and well, mission NOT accomplished. Farm Rio top {similar} with some bootleg denim {similar} with boots.

And yesterday my day just kept getting crazy so instead of me showering and changing out of gym clothes, I wore my gym clothes all day long. Navy leggings topped with a cozy pullover.

Now for a few things I have my eye on…

How ADORABLE is this red Christmas puffer jacket?!

Clearly I’m having a moment with red plaid jackets…how darling is this one?! I can already see it paired with leather pants or a fun leather skirt? DARLING!

You guys know how Instagram often knows me better than I even know myself? Well, IG is CONVINCED I need these bootie sneakers. {I made that a term-bootie sneaker}. If I’m scrolling IG, you better believe this bootie sneakers are appearing. I love how they’re a winter/snow/rain boot but also a sneaker. I like the color with the white soles. Cute, cute, cute!

How perfect is this Amazon velvet blazer for Thanksgiving?! That brown velvet is stunning! And such a great price point for a piece you’ll probably only wear once a year.

Nothing looks better to me than this outfit on a cozy holiday weekend wrapped up in blankets on the couch watching Christmas movies! EEEK!!! Can’t you see it?

And last but not least {no pic because it isn’t working for me}, but this store always has THE BEST Christmas plaid! This red plaid top with that neckline is gorgeous!

Okay, that’s a wrap on what I’ve been wearing lately! I have a fun Christmas story for you tomorrow!


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