Friday Favorites-11.10.23

Hi! Hi! Hi! It’s FRIDAY! I’m teaming up with my girl, Andrea, again for a big dose of Friday Favorites! Today, instead of sharing my weekly faves I’m celebrating my FAVORITE seven-year-old who turns EIGHT this weekend! How is that EVEN possible?! We had a little party with some of her little friends at our house last night and other than the pouring rain outside, it was absolutely perfect!

How in that world is that sweet baby girl turning eight on Sunday?!

We serve a mighty big God who placed a tiny baby from a province in China on the hearts of a family of five in Texas. As someone who’s been through the adoption journey, it wasn’t easy. The fact that every little door was opened, every “i” was dotted and “t” was crossed led us to get our girl. Anytime someone questions God, my thoughts go back to Britt’s adoption. This isn’t an “accidental” journey and if you could see the way she fits perfectly into our family, you’d think about our story the next time you hear someone question God too. Guess what I’m gonna say at the dinner table tonight about what I’m thankful for? One guess! 😉 {That’s enough of the sappy mom stuff! Sorry, just sharing my heart!}

This fall Britt played both soccer and softball {I OFTEN wondered what I was thinking signing her up for two sports} and she ABSOLUTELY loved it! I think in the spring we’re gonna try just softball because that was her favorite. This winter she’s gearing up for her first basketball season.

She loves school! And has really grown so much more confident this fall in first grade.

She’s courageous, she’s bold, she’s quiet, she’s shy, she’s funny, she’s sweet, and she’s oh-so-sassy. She loves all things girly like make-up and high heels but her very favorite thing to do is play ball with the boys outside. Perfectly well-rounded. ;).

To know Britt, is to love her! Being the youngest, she absolutely has captured all five of our hearts and tends to get away with {SO MUCH according to all three big kids-ha!}. #butshesthebaby

I love this girly of mine so very much! Happy 8th Birthday, Britty! We LOVE You!

And because she has that special tomboy streak, the boys and I {EL has a cheer event} are taking her to the Cowboys’ game for her birthday on Sunday! More celebrating to be had on Sunday!

Hope you guys have THE BEST weekend!


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