Two Things-Slaughter Updates

 Happy, Happy Hump Day!

We have two days of fall left for the remaining ten day forecast, but it was so nice while it lasted.  Today, I’m working from home on all kinds of house things, am hoping to get my fall decorations up, and of course a load or two of laundry completed as well.  

I have a little family update for you about the six Slaughters…
*Britt is officially in Pre-K this year at preschool.  Due to Covid, several things about preschool are different and one of those is the drop off/pick up protocol.  We are not allowed to walk them inside the building so on the first day I drove up and she hopped right out with a big smile on her face.  She’s growing up, friends.

*She has strong opinions about how her hair is fixed everyday.  She’d prefer a ponytail every single day, but depending on her mood I can talk her into a different style about half the time.  On the subject of her style, Tab’s been working from home and after she gets dressed each morning she walks into his office, puts a hand on her hip, and cocks her leg while flashing him a big smile until he acknowledges her outfit.

*I have a secret for you…Bowen is into school for the social aspect only.  He’s Mr. Personable and is there to hang with his friends.  Needless to say, he’s LOVING being back in person!

*You know that old line, “Never Say Never”, well I’m basically eating my words right about now.  Before having kids, Tab and I were both very passionate about only allowing our kids to participate in one activity per season.  Right now the three big kids are all involved in more than one activity and Britt has one as well.  Never say never is teaching me a big fat lesson.  I hear you, I hear you. Bowen is playing baseball and flag football.  He’s become much more into watching sports on tv than he has ever been in the past.  And neighborhood boys are now asking Bowen to go play football as well.

*Nixon Slaughter is turning into a teenager right before my eyes.  He’s come home and talked about girls two different days this week.  Each time I sweetly remind him he’s way too young for that, but it does remind me it’ll be here before I know it!  Slow your roll, Nixon.

*Nixon is playing 7-on-7 football and baseball this season.  He’s returning to his baseball team but has joined a new football team.  Anyone who’s experienced a new team knows it can be tough joining a team when you’re the “new kid”.  It’s such a great learning experience for him and I’ve loved watching him handle it from the sidelines.  Super proud of him!

*Ebby Lee is loving the middle school life!  The way she acts, carries herself, treats others, and talks about her friends reminds me that the middle school cafeteria isn’t full of mean girls!  Before she went to middle school, I was convinced it was!  She’s loved getting to meet new friends as well as reunite with lots of old ones.  Middle school looks so good on her!

*Ebby Lee is still playing volleyball, has two dance classes, and has added tumbling to the mix.  As a sixth grader, you get to join the youth group at our church and she comes home beaming about what they learned/discussed each week. 

*Due to Covid, Tab has been working from mostly from home since the summer.  He has started traveling a bit but when he’s in town and working he’s typically in the office here at home.  While I love having my quiet time alone when everyone’s gone, we’ve managed to fit in Friday lunches and even some Friday workouts together.  It’s been nice getting to spend that extra time together.

*I’m officially the taxi cab/carpool driver to these sweet, sweet children of mine.  I love watching them participate in activities they love and am all for keeping kids busy so it’s well worth it!  Amidst the drop offs, pick ups, classes, and games I’m living my best life with my people.

Thanks for reading today, friends!


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