Three Updates

 It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on how things were going around our house.  So I’ve got three updates on each of us.  🙂

Ebby Lee
1.  First of all, the seventh grade sounds so old.  Right?  I mean before I know it she’ll be walking across the stage at graduation!  TIME.  SLOW.  DOWN.  PLEASE.   This year is starting off with a bang for Ebby Lee.  She’s kicking off the year cheering and playing volleyball.  She’s got early practices, after school games, and just a busy schedule.  But I’m here for it.  She’s living her best life.  I’d say for her-sixth grade was a lot of new, often anxious days and just trying to figure out a new school and meet new people after starting virtually for several weeks.  It was just a lot!  But this year she seems to be finding her place and much more confident.  As the mom, I’m super thankful for such a great start to a new year.
2. Ebby Lee is the most like me out of all the children.  I’m not sure if it’s the oldest child in the family thing or not, but I see so much in her that reminds me of myself.  However, she’s much more eager to try new things, she stands so true to her convictions, and she’s got a boldness to her quiet spirit I just didn’t possess at the age of twelve.
3. Ebby Lee’s found Saved by the Bell on Netflix and well, basically it’s like watching myself all those years ago.  She loves it now just as much as I did then.  {And Nixon likes it too!}
1. Nixon joined Ebby Lee at middle school this year.  Seeing them mingle, their friends know each other, and it all come together has me predicting my future with two kids just a year apart. And I think it’s just gonna get better as they get older! I love that their friends are beginning to blend.  Having kids so close together worked well when they were younger but their friend groups never overlapped.  I think it’s going to happen soon and I’m here for it.  
2. Nixon began his first season of tackle football this year and he’s absolutely loving it.  Many of the boys on his team go to his same middle school so they’ve got lots of team bonding happening both on the field and off.
3. Sixth grade seems to be the big year you learn major responsibility.  You’re in charge of all your classes, your grades, your communication with your teachers.  Nixon is navigating the early days of figuring out exactly how to do that in the best way possible. 




1. The only Slaughter kid left at our local elementary school this year-and I think he LOVES that fact.  He’s always been Ebby Lee and Nixon’s little brother so I’m thankful he has a year to get to be him without anyone else attached.

2. Bowen is playing flag football and fall baseball so his evenings and weekends tend to get filled up.  Since it’s the fall, I think if asked he’d say he prefers football but he’s been playing a new position in baseball {he’s catching} and he’s loving that.  Who knew?  Years ago he hated it because he’s so tall with such long legs that he looked so awkward trying to squat.  He’s gotten that figured out though!  Catchers’ gear is on his birthday/Christmas list already!

3. Bowen has never met a stranger.  He loves his people big, has many friends, and can be found always trying to squeeze in a playdate or have neighbors meet up to play.  I’m predicting he’s the social chair of his fraternity.  ha!

1. I’m SO thankful something stirred in us to hold her back one more year before kindergarten.  Best.  Decision.  Ever.  She’s absolutely loving her Transitional Kindergarten class.  She happens to have two of the most amazing teachers in the business so she’s learning so much already.  I’m just so glad transitioning to a new school was no big deal and this girly is having such a great year.
2.  She and I have been having Fun Fridays every other week.  So far, we’ve met friends at a local play place, visited Peppa Pig World with Violet, shopped at the mall, had a day with M, and this week we’re decorating for fall.  With each of my other kids, I remember always having that feeling of-did we have enough fun before kindergarten.  I’m ensuring I don’t have those thoughts by taking advantage of our Fridays together.
3. We always laugh how Britt has all three big kids wrapped around her finger.  Just yesterday, Ebby Lee mentioned how she knows each of their weaknesses and how to get what she wants from them.  When they all started discussing, we began laughing and couldn’t stop because it’s so true!
Tab and Erika
1. Tab was scheduled to have an off-weekend this weekend.  You can imagine all the plans I had knowing it was his first full weekend to be in town, but he got the call that he has to fill in on another crew.  Womp. Womp.  So I’m saving some of that fun for his next off-weekend.  Fingers crossed!
2. I’m tagging along with Tab on a work trip next month and am really looking forward to it.  A new town, few days away from responsibilities, and some time for just the two of us-it’ll be a great getaway!
3. Some days he drives me crazy and other days I make him nuts.  Just one day last week, I was being overly emotional.  Truly-for no real reason and as I was speaking I realized how insane I was being.  I’m a girl and we get emotional, but Tab’s response was hysterical.  He was all over the place attempting to help my emotions.  Really, there was no helping.  Thankful he’s my guy and I get to do life with him beside me.
Thanks so much for reading today!

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  1. 9.30.21
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I'm going to elaborate on each of these:
    EL: She is THRIVING in 7th grade! This year has been so much fun!!!!
    Nixon: He is DOMINATING in tackle football!!!!
    Bowen: Literally will talk to anyone. I.E. Tuesday night's football game. Bahahaha!
    Britt: She has me wrapped around her finger too…and I'm not hating it.

  2. 9.30.21
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    I love the three updates posts!!! I’m so glad everyone is having a great year!

  3. 9.30.21
    Kelly S said:

    Just saying hi from a long-time blog reader. I love your Podcast, and love your sweet spirit and humor.

    Keep up the great work. Can't wait to see a book post on faves this month? 🙂 hint hint. And do you listen to other podcasts that you love?

    PS- I'm like you and LOVE crime and thrillers. Especially Psych thrillers.